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YouTuber, Expert Minecraft Player, Collector, and I love cars (the reason why Dirt 3 )
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Information About Chemsik

Info about me

I'm a fan of Cars,

EDM/House/Music (My Playlist)

I collect emotes from games

I like my marshmellows burnt

I have a great memory I like to dj and have memorized over 150 beats

I have literally over 2,000 hours of playtime on Minecraft

Usernames I've used in any game: _Esme_, _AquaNinja_, Chemsik*, TorqueTonic, CalebTyuioBarrie, OccasionalCaleb, CBJ_Metallic_Candy, IceColdCaleb, SantaIsAMontica, ViaIgNoired, CalicoCaleb, Eqru, SponsoredByFord, Cali Fornia, and tyuiobarrie.

I don't like it when people invite me to trade and end up just inviting a bunch of random people to trade with, it just wastes my time.


Song: GFM Goblin From Mars - King Taco

Steam Game: Rocket League

Food: Shish Kabobs and/or Mediterranean food

Color: Turquoise

Animal: Raccoon or Turtle

Computer Specs


Computer: HP Envy Desktop SSFUI71
OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Monitors: HP w2207 Wide LCD Monitor and Dell S2145H
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz, 3601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
IPM (RAM): 16.0 GB
Keyboard: ASUS Laptop keyboard and Logitech MK700/MK710 Enhanced 101-/102-key
Sound Device: Realtek and NVIDIA High Definition Audio


Mouse(s): Roccat LUA Tri-button gaming mouse GM1310 [], Logitech Unifying Reciever MK700, Targus Kaleidoscope Optical Mouse, and Logitech M705.
Audio: Dual YAMAHA YST-MS30 w/Subwoofer, SADES Gaming Headphones SA806 [], JLab JBuds Pro Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds []
Webcam: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C290 []
Docking Port: Diamond Ultra Dock Dual Video USB 3.0/2.0 Docking Station

Favorite Quotes

"All things have a right to grow" -Sylvari/Asura in the game Guild Wars 2.

"The title of your YouTube video is like the title of your essay." - Chemsik 2017.

Scammers Exposed

Trading RL | Starman

How: Lying multiple times, such as saying wheels are certified when they're not, saying parallax is worth less then cobalt turbines, etc.

Evidence: Screenshots: Part 1/4 2/4 3/4 [3] 4/4 [4]

Steam Events Partaken

Holiday Sale 2015

Steam Awards Nomination

Steam Awards Finalists Nomination

2016 Summer Sale

Monster Summer Sale/Game Event 2015

Summer Sale Sticker Event 2017

100% Achievements

Emily is Away
Rocket League | 6/16/17 and 8/?/17 (when they added new achievements).
Goo Cubelets 2

I want and will trade

Mainly looking for Rocket League crates, but any good stuff is good too (even stuff you do not want).

Last updated: September 21 2017 (I don't update everyday)

I'am being completely honest about this.

Has (for showcase, not trade)

Parallax, Centio, Cold Fusion, Sky Blue Animus GP, Apex, 800+ Hours, and a trading Rep of never scamming someone, (I would never do that).

Has (for trade)

[L] ZT-17 Wheels (2), Helios
Centio V-17 (2), Animus GP,
[R] At least one Rare decal (s) from any crate (including odc (that doesn't mean everyone of them, some))
[UC] Lime Almas, Purple Diecis, Burn't Sienna Fez, Lime Fire Helmet, Saffron Traffic Cone, and Purple Zomburg.
[VR] Friction and Blazer Trails
[R] Player's Choice Crates (2)
[VR] Hexphase (2)
[L] Easter Egg (2), Bunny Ears, and most VR decals from CC4 below.


[E] Exotic Wheels
Import Wheels and bodies (mainly bodies)
[Specifics] Skyblue Spiralis, Skyblue wheels, boosts, bodies etc (Will overpay). Turbines. Painted Apex.

Duplicates (with exceptions)

But add ons to offers are accepted.

Social Media/Misc


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Very Nice Render of my 2nd Truck in my Let's Play of ATS.
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My Background

I received this game as a gift from a friend. He is a very nice person and I really should thank him for getting me this. I'm not pro, no nothing, I used to be a nolife Minecraft player, like the kind you would find online 8 hours a day on one multiplayer server, but because of this game, somehow I abandoned it. I love cars, I love to draw them, make concepts, I have a blog of my drawings, you get the point. So this game was something I had wanted for ages. When I got it I could not play very well on my little ASUS laptop, and so I had to play on my Dad's computer. Eventually, my dad had enough of me hogging his computer and bought me a HP Envy desktop for my birthday, and I could play perfectly. During that time of lag, I just played exhibition with different level bots. Which is one of my favorite features of the game, and brings me to my pros and cons, then my tips for everyone.

Pros and Cons

Prep for a long list,

+It has controller support, a must for people who previously, or currently plays XBOX.
+It has an offline mode called "Exhibition" where you can play with bots, and mess around with any gamemode.
+It has gamemodes for any type of player, whether you're competitive, casual, wanting to troll, or anything.
+There is a training mode, that the Psyonix team and other players make for each other to test for all skill levels.
+If you're really bored, tired of training, ranked, etc. You can achievement hunt.
+There is a cross platform system, so you could be paired with a XBOX player when you're on PC.
+The chat can sometimes be funny, toxic, but funny, and it's a great addition to the game.
+Your car is invincible
+You can trade most items obtained via from crates, drops, or buying them with other players.
+They have esports for this game called RLCS
+Great graphics and performance (mostly).
+This game is fun to play with friends in voice chat, or by yourself.
+There is Steam leaderboards, trading cards, and again, achievements.
+All the dlcs are worth buying and unlock chances for more achievements.
+The dlc cars not included in bundles are quite cheap.
+There's so much more.

-Some cars have larger, wider, or longer hitboxes, which can make cars>than others.
-Although the chat is a great feature, it is the main source of the toxicity and don't expect to go pro without tons of toxicity.
-Scamming is a significant thing in trading so please use a middleman or triple-check offers (I would suggest looking at some guides for trading info and tips).
-If there is one item/wheel/topper/etc you want, most likely you're going to have to overpay to get it.
-If you don't have a good computer, you will suffer.
-Some DLC cars don't look or offer as much as it is pictured.
-Once you get placed in a rank, it gets increasing hard to get out of it.
-You can be paired with incredibly better players than yourself in unranked and sometimes ranked.
-If you like opening crates, expect to spend a bit of money trying to open them.

Overall Tips

*When someone offers you money (such as PayPal balance) always have a middle man.
*Watch out for scammers and always double check for offers.
*Starting a Youtube channel about Rocket League usually comes with hate.
*It takes lots of dedication to become good and high leveled.
*Your rank in ranked doesn't always reflect your skill level.

Hope you enjoyed this review, I love the game and recommend it for any car, soccer, competitive, and most players.
My favorite game, 19/20.

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