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There is a special place in hell for you if you are dumb enough to kill friendlies.
Hi i am a gamer!
My dream is to one day have 666 sandviches so i can open up a line of sandvich eat fresh stores xD

I do not trade because it can be very costly (keys and shit), i dont have very many decent items and im not very good at trading.

My favorite games are TF2 (not my all time fave but one i play the most), GTA5, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2004 original), SA2 (Sonic Adventure 2 because it has some good music), NFSU2 (Need For Speed Underground 2), NFMW2005 (Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005), Burnout 3 takedown and Sonic Heroes.

If you are in a steam call with me and I am being very quiet that's because I am trying to focus on the game (except for Minecraft then I'm all ears most of the time I'm playing) or I'm listing to YouTube while playing.

I believe that people should "grow a pair" and use their melee and secondary weapons more rather than sticky/pipe/rocket/wm1 spam like an idiot. I also think that if you kill friendlies you are shit at the game because you are going for "easy kills". Does that mean if you are at low hp and a friendly hoovy shows up you are going to kill them like a retard?

What you need to know about me:
I want to be a heavy main but i mostly go engineer or pyro if the enemy team has too many cod fanboys (what i call snipers) who are constantly scoped in at choke points (cough all of turbine cough) making it so you can't go anywhere, unlike 99% of the TF2 community i try to melee when i am next to an enemy but not every time. I believe that trickstabbing shows you like to be a prick and like to exploit TF2's shitty melee hit reg however if you use it in dire situations (e.g you are at low hp and have no cloak/dead ringer) then once or twice it is fine but not every fucking time you see an enemy.

My greatest accomplishments are dominating 3 people with the Liberty Launcher, killing 2 scouts and a spy with the escape plan while at low hp, finding 2 friendly matches on 2Fort within 1 week, pootis powing a soldier after we lost the match, getting a 26 kill godlike killstreak with someone else's specialized killtreak festive mini-gun, dominating a try hard spy who was trying to ruin a hoovy party with a pootis pow, getting all gold on the San Andreas Flight school and flying through the Fort Zancudo tunnel.

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