"Instinct is a lie,
told by a fearful body,
Hoping, to be wrong" - Guru Laghima


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Funny stuff
17:42:52 TF2Center: Lobby open; leader: nate
17:43:17 stalker!!! -UA-: hey nate
17:43:20 Zencyde: Nate o shit waddup
17:43:31 woofles #ripuk: im scared
17:43:43 nate: hi
17:44:04 woofles #ripuk: i feel like nate will shut all of my initiations down
17:44:14 stalker!!! -UA-: dw team i can outsnipe nate xD
17:44:36 Unrav mix/merc: i've heard better memes
17:44:38 Zencyde: i feel like i am going to be headshot by nate even tho i am his medic
17:44:48 stalker!!! -UA-: lol
17:44:52 nate: lol

00:51:45 TF2Center: Lobby open; leader: dejw
00:58:57 TF2Center: xXxMinecraftKidxXx was banned from this Lobby by dejw
00:59:30 Raava mix/merc: Lol
E6 | Zencyde #LFP 6s steel: Jerri do you promise that you are gonna get me a b-day present for tf2?
E6 | <-JerrI->: idk, if i remember..
E6 | <-JerrI->: It's like 5 months
E6 | <-JerrI->: You could have a half baby at that time

<-JerrI->: Have you ever tried the greipfruit technique?
Hasylum :o) LFT: I don't have a husband
<-JerrI->: I once did the same thing with a grape

dr. mank deme: do you have an owner's manual for a penis
hasylum lft hl: i do
dr. mank deme: can i borrow it
hasylum lft hl: u need any assistance in using a mans sexual organ?
hasylum lft hl: generally called a penis?
dr. mank deme: my weapon is out of control
hasylum lft hl: sounds like an issue

19:27:03 TheScrewUp27: hl no mumble no restrictions?
19:29:18 Phlamx the BLU: hl no mumble?
19:29:42 A$AP Hasylum: lol
19:30:53 davidpren: no mumble pls?
19:31:44 davidpren: is there games i can join with no mumble?
19:32:32 SwagDaddy: Any game without the white mumble icon in the top right is not mumble required
19:32:44 Tronald Dump: ADMIN FIX UR SITE PLSSSSSSS
19:33:14 TheScrewUp27: problem is my pc doesnt have sound
19:33:25 TheScrewUp27: so i cant use mumble
19:33:44 A$AP Hasylum: lol these 0 lobby kids asking for no mumble lobbies on sunday night, hilarious

About me
17 year old tf2 enthusiast. Soldier main, tryhard everywhere, i pound, when i dont, ill have an excuse. I dont take l's. Only w's

LFT highlander soldier can sub as medic, soldier, heavy in BOTH 6s and hl and in both leagues

Medic main in 6s and a soldier main in highlander

PC master race

CPU: Intel i3 6100 (skylake)
RAM: 8 GB of hyper x fury ddr4
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 680
SSD: SATA2'5 240 GB MX2000

Low: 230 avg fps in pubs
Medium: 140 avg fps in pubs
High: 90 avg fps in pubs

sick logs dude
There are alot more quality fragotopia lobbies but im lazy to research all

Lobbies are fun when u have low ping.. but 70% of time i have it above 100.. fml <3

And then there's my friend toffy
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