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Random funny conversations:
Jerry79009: hey dude
It's Ban Hammer Time!: Yeah?
Jerry79009: I saw this really funny pic
Jerry79009: it's not gore, I promise
It's Ban Hammer Time!: HAHA NO
Jerry79009: (link to a rickroll gif)
Jerry79009: No, seriously, it's not gore.
Jerry79009: I swear
It's Ban Hammer Time!: Fuck you and your rickrolls
Jerry79009: Legit, I swear
It's Ban Hammer Time!: I will bash your head with a rock
Jerry79009: LOLOLOLOLL
Jerry79009: hey, here's a useful vid from nomic
Jerry79009: it's not gore
Jerry79009: nor a rickroll
It's Ban Hammer Time!: I...
It's Ban Hammer Time!: Are you fucking serious?
Jerry79009: LOL
It's Ban Hammer Time!: He was the one who made it.
It's Ban Hammer Time!: So I can't even say you were lying.
It's Ban Hammer Time!: Dude.
Jerry79009: ...
Jerry79009: LOL
It's Ban Hammer Time!: I hope you rot
Jerry79009: I'm running out of breath
Jerry79009: please, I'm dying
It's Ban Hammer Time!: I'm running out of ways I can hit my table
Jerry79009: Ok, horrible, inhumane, disgusting, shit treatment
Jerry79009: Is THAT enough adjectives for ya?
It's Ban Hammer Time!: Adverbs.
It's Ban Hammer Time!: Horrible describes treatment.
It's Ban Hammer Time!: Treatment is a verb so...
Jerry79009: Adjectives. Treatment is a noun
It's Ban Hammer Time!: Oh...
It's Ban Hammer Time!: Well, if this is a sentence.
It's Ban Hammer Time!: There has to be a verb, right?
Jerry79009: When you try to be a grammar nazi and fail horribly at it.
Cat N a Hat: hi
Jerry79009: dude, did you hear that r6 siege will no longer have updates or operators added?
Cat N a Hat: rumors
Jerry79009: It'll be left in its current state
Jerry79009: No, it's confirmed.
Jerry79009: by ubi themselves
Cat N a Hat: lemme guess, ubisoft (being the idiots they are), are going to leave their only good and critically acclaimed game in a while, to focus on their supposed disappointment (The Division)
Cat N a Hat: noice
Jerry79009: APRIL FOOLS
Cat N a Hat: thaaaaaats gr8
Jerry79009: WTF XD
Jerry79009: I'm putting this on my acc fo sure
Cat N a Hat: ?
Jerry79009: this conversation
Cat N a Hat: ur alos putting ur terrible spellung?
Cat N a Hat: also*
Cat N a Hat: spelling * XD
Jerry79009: ironic and hypocritical
Cat N a Hat: frick!
Jerry79009: xD
Cat N a Hat: damnit!
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