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Jul 2 @ 1:00pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
alright, let's not get carried away :P
i don't think the character system will change much until release.
i'm not actually sure if the challenge characters are selectable right away or not, but if they are not you could probably add a line to a textfile somewhere and trick the game to think they're unlocked right away.
but playing as them add various special rules to the single campaign (like if you pick the character that's just a literal mirror, you always get the same deck as your opponent etc)

you can't play as the NPCs in single player because that would just be weird and confusing and seeing them all at the start would spoil the entire game.
one playthrough of the campaign should unlock all the NPCs for multiplayer tho. or again you could probably just hack a textfile.

custom images of any kind would be a huge no-no as we don't have systems or manpower to ban/moderate that stuff.
Jul 2 @ 12:25am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
then sorry, no... there's no regular classic fishbun :/
the only returning character retaining their original CCN1 look (mostly...) is CardPlaya i think, the defualt avatar from CCN1. everyone else is spaaaaaace. i guess BCMan is barely changed. his suspenders glow.
the art from CCN1 can't really be used as is and would have to be cleaned up or remade to fit in.
no idea what kind of DLC or patches there'll be tho.

single player avatars are the ones in the beta, plus a bunch more for special challenge replays (something like 6-8 of 'em).
Jul 1 @ 6:23pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
Originally posted by Mickmane:
(I do hope they will include the option of a card eating fishbun avatar in the 2nd game.)

(the plan is to also be able to pick any of the single player characters you've met when you play multiplayer, so yes - except it's a spacebun)
Jun 30 @ 1:37pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
i didn't know regular dumped was buffed. seems like it's on par with razzle dazzle now, which i have been using to shut down/threaten. nice
Jun 30 @ 11:32am
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
there's a new patch up, b03. you'll have to wait for haku to drop by if you want info on what's changed, but i assume there's some bcman and/or simx nerfs in there ;)
Jun 28 @ 2:00pm
In topic Beta Update: Version b02
heads up ppl, i suspect space nörd (and probably X too) is causing errors/disconnects...? maybe
Mar 9 @ 1:39am
In topic when is three coming out?
In a better timeline we'd already be making it!
But Heap of Trouble hasn't exactly been a smash hit... (Except for in the review department! :D)
So the harsh answer must be, when we have the time and money to spend on doing a project just for fun again :S

We do want to make it though, rest assured I will nag the others about it at any opportunity :P
Jan 22 @ 2:45pm
In topic Beta testing, round #1 feedback
I think BCMans ability to deflect self-harm is still in effect even if silenced.
I had one out and active, opponent silenced it, later I noticed a goddess of explosions doing both her placement damages on the opponent. I don't think anything else on the board would have caused that.
Jan 22 @ 11:07am
In topic Beta testing, round #1 feedback
On avatars: We were thinking that in addition to the player characters, you'd be able to pick any of the single player characters you've faced so far in single player, and any of their expressions. That should add a whole bunch of fun ones :)
Jan 20 @ 10:47am
In topic Beta testing, round #1 feedback
Mickmane: There is a single player campaign like in the first game, but the beta is multiplayer only. As for interacting with randoms online, there's nothing planned. We don't really want to moderate some chat, but maybe Hearthstone-like premade comments during matches. Most of the focus is still on the single player part.
And yeah, go ahead and stream :)
Jenny Lemons card in Card City Nights is worth looking into (very extensive card list: )
And of course an alternate version of her acts as the final boss of CCN.

She also has a brief cameo in PsyCard as a human, in the cult tournament, but she has no dialogue.
She's also a secret hidden boss with 999 HP in the dungeon mode of PsyCard, again with no dialogue or anything though.

Card City Nights 2 will also have a Lemon card.
Jan 17 @ 5:32am
In topic CCN2 multiplayer beta invite
Originally posted by WolfHero:
I hadn't heard about CCN2 until this, will the art style be similar?

Very similar, just a tiny bit cleaner. And the setting is in space now.

You can see two characters here:
And some card art here:
Dec 5, 2016 @ 7:40am
In topic Ittle Dew 2 is out!
Nov 28, 2016 @ 2:48am
In topic Jealous Chest makes the game worse
Oh yeah, I forgot about that... Hm. I'm starting to suspect the chest is mostly designed for DEATH mode, I imagine getting there with only flask can be pretty tough. And that's the mode where some extra firepower would be most helpful later.
Nov 27, 2016 @ 2:09pm
In topic Jealous Chest makes the game worse
What the Jealous Chest asks is less a challenge and more a sort of "purist" run with Remedy 1 mechanics, I suppose. I mostly use Injection or sometimes Heal, so a chest run for me would be pretty different. But yeah, maybe it shouldn't have given +1% since that can make completionists feel like they need to get it. And for people who use flask-like abilities anyway there's not much difference.

You can still get 101% without chest, which was the max in Remedy 1 and should probably be considered a full playthrough here too, with 102% just being a fun bonus for anyone that finds the chest.

For a more detailed discussion of the chest, we'd have to hear from Daniel(the designer) though heh
Nov 22, 2016 @ 2:57pm
In topic (SPOILERS) Frog Mode
During development, the frog mode was a strictly one hit kill mode. That library portal world was hell! It was a bit too crazy (although if I remember correctly, it was beaten Simul and all by at least Daniel..?)
(keeping this pinned until the beta is live, because it's tough to see everyone take low graphics screenshots *sob*)

Edit: The beta won't automatically set your graphics to high, it'll just default higher for new players. If you've already started ID2, you still have to change manually.
Nov 18, 2016 @ 6:21am
In topic Boss difficulty
I meant from a more casual "beating a tough boss by any means" point of view, not a crazy speedrun max-DPS tactic :P

Some projectiles are hard to roll or reflect properly, so just ice block those.

And there's no reason to not place dynamites every now and then, get some random hits in.
Nov 18, 2016 @ 6:05am
In topic Boss difficulty
Placing Ice Blocks as a shield is underrated, I think. Sure, they break after blocking one projectile, but you can just place a new one.
Nov 18, 2016 @ 6:00am
In topic Any way to disable items
clarification: there's a "combat challenge" but it's not anything like described above
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