≡ity 7-2521 LFT HL
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
Worst Team Fortress 2 Engineer Main in the history of anything ever.


This is Equality 7-2521 from TF2. I have to move my account for reasons that will result in a long story. Please accept my friend invite if you we were friends before.

Personal and complicated stuff happened and I may use this account for backup TF2. Thank you for your understanding!

-Item Wishlist-
Collectors Eureka Effect (Normal Killstreak)
Collectors Short Circuit
Killstreak Eureka Effect Oil Thingy
Killstreak Pistol Oil Thingy
Killstreak Widowmaker Oil Thingy

---Competitive TF2 Highlander History---

Iron 12: The Experiment (4-5) No-Skill Engineer Main
Steel 13: Just for Lulz (Left early for personal reasons) (Ended 6-4) No-Skill Engineer Main
Steel 14: Probably Luck (4-4) No-Skill Engineer Main
Silver 15: Team Celebrity (Made the cut but the team fell apart before the season even began...) No-Skill Engineer Main
Steel 21:ermagerd merdperks (4-4) No-Skill Engineer Main
Silver 22: Currently looking to be a No-Skill Engineer Main

catalyst: omg
catalyst: you're a monster
catalyst: those poor valve pubbers
Obama's Invisible Afro: >;3

gradient: you
gradient: monster
gradient: WAIT
gradient: YOU USE STOCK
gradient: INTERP
gradient: WHAT

cusidejohnbooth: lawl
Dave+: wah
cusidejohnbooth: bazooka too strong...

>DoJ< Coppercog: i havent done a highlander match in a while. wish me luck...
Dave+: gl dawgg
>DoJ< Coppercog: good one

≡ity 7-2521 LFT HL: Can /I/ put a pony meme?
fred fred burger: no
fred fred burger: if i see any semblance
≡ity 7-2521 LFT HL: phahahahahahahahaaaa xD
fred fred burger: if a horse
fred fred burger: in that discord
fred fred burger: i will fucking scream

"Sniper have no gamesense. They are playing a Point and Click Adventure. EVERYONE else is playing TF2." - Crit Happens 2017

"Having an unusual for engi is like polishing your trashcan" - Fallen 2017

Michael 2015
pl_pigby: honestly
pl_pigby: you're still far and above Biolizard
pl_pigby: and we appreciate having you
pl_pigby: just don't expect too much of yourself
>DoJ< Coppercog: but.....
pl_pigby: you aren't Sigafoo
pl_pigby: you aren't Spamfest
pl_pigby: you aren't Josh
pl_pigby: you're Equality
pl_pigby: focus on being you
pl_pigby: focus on improving yourself
pl_pigby: I let go of the idea of being Max or phAZE, or Jake a while back.
pl_pigby: Focused on being me, improving my consistency, and raising my own level of play
pl_pigby: rather than simply striving to match someone else's
pl_pigby: don't let tough moments bring you down
pl_pigby: just focus on what to do next
pl_pigby: thinking
pl_pigby: "Oh I missed that shot I should've hit!"
pl_pigby: just psyches you out a lot
pl_pigby: it's one of my own personal problems

*DEAD* NoiseTank13 : engineer ruining the game per usual
(TEAM) bestmedic : engies you guys are kicking ass
Doobie: you were 2stronk for that engi on the other team
Carl Wheezer Da Booty Pleaser : how does that nigger have 5 doms
Void : engi you are a beast ngl
*DEAD* Relly : can you go be autistic somewhere else
*DEAD* [EMP] step1bsecy : who builds sentries in preround
♡ vecc ♡ : yr an engie player
♡ vecc ♡ : stop speaking to m
*DEAD* xX_RobloxBuilderB0y_Xx : honestly engi on blu team
*DEAD* xX_RobloxBuilderB0y_Xx : fuck you.
xX_RobloxBuilderB0y_Xx : fuck you ity

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You abandoned us, you will never be forgiven
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I miss you :o
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Stop dying you goofball
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I can't believe he's not butter.