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Harvey, Wayne Crews III   Virginia, United States
(Mood 10/10 Nov.26 2017..i got saw tyran(my steam buddy)instead of tyran's name..i see ... on tyran told me felly Harassed i told him off..he deleted my comment & block'd just mad right now...i also not only reported this to him but i also told Felly's girlfriend? i mean it who ever say's anything harshful or harass or taunt or toy with or make fun of or spam hate comment's or Sexually Assault my friends..i will report you..i mean if**I am the REAL zombiharvey..if you copy me then you will be reported..and i am the real one i promise*I am High Functioning Autistic, but its not who I am. I love Zombies and friends. I love to make new friends and have fun playing games. :steamhappy:
and also...i'll accept any friend request just tell me why?..i'm 13 year's birthday is on may 11th...i was born on may 11th 2004...and i'm very kind & friendly..and i promise if you ask me that you wanna be my friend i'll add you to my friends list..but i gtg look at you'r profile...and also..i will NOT accept any PRIVATE profile' gotta have a NON private need to go to EDIT on you'r profile..and go to privacy setting's..and put from private to public..and don't put sexual stuff on my profile..and i don't wanna see links to porn on my profile?..even that never happen' will be block'd if youtube channel's name is Little Harvey Crew's..i got 59 subscriber's and i sometime's do video's..and i'm straight...and i like kitten's..i love hugs(like hatty hattington)..i'm very kind & sweet...and if you want a hug i will hug you...i love War stuff & old history & i'm a christan...i love WW1 & WW2...& Vietnam war..and i love FNAF,hello neighbor,Bendy and the ink machine,battle block theatre..even i never play'd undertale i did saw it on youtube and i love it aswell...i love friends & family's....and i got 2 brother's & 1 sister....i got a pet kitten name'd badger...and yes he is a baby kitten..and i got a very adorable & sweet dog named katey...and i hate police brutality..and i hate police killing dog's..i saw a video of this one puppy getitng shot down by a police while the granny i HATE some police officer's..and i dislike new york police because of eric gardener's death....i love childeren...and i do love some police because they are more kind then the dog killing and abusive officer's..i love german's,britin,russian,italy,irland,south korea..i hate NORTH korea....I HATE KIM,...i also love sweden...and i DO love making new friends....and also...please listen...i do NOT like being test' please do not test me...
born in:5/11/04 *May 11th 2004*
my steam dad:Zacharie
my steam mom:angel
steam Sis:Prez,Mary & mary -they are twins-
steam kids:Bill Cipher,TrueLoveSans
steam brother:Funtime Plush Redbear 098,awesomepig the caped crusader
No nazi joke's
No racisim...or be block'd or reported
no swearing
no offensive stuff
don't insult any of my friends
don't insult my family
no death threat's
no racist joke's
my Uncle:stanford
relationship status:..i wont tell you who's i am're gonna have to find out XD
no hate comment's
and..Rest in Piece Angry Grampa 1950-2017
and also...if you have a private profile..i will either block you or ignore it? please have a public profile unless you've been bullied...then i'll instantly accept you....okay..i do help people with depresstion...nomatter what?..and i am overly protective for my entire family even i'm 13 year's old...i love war's & old that's about me and please & thank you ~love harvey :steamhappy:
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Al Capone Feb 15 @ 7:48pm 
Ah well..
Simon bioshop Feb 15 @ 7:45pm 
...*sigh*...crap i forgot to make the map
Al Capone Feb 15 @ 7:32pm 
Can ya gimme a link to the 1930s map?
Rare Feb 14 @ 6:46pm 
Thanks buddy.
I'm back on steam! Happy Valentines day!!!!
A Block Of Jelly Feb 14 @ 1:31pm 
Happy Vaelntines day!!