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Sorry to hear this news. Feebs got this community. Here to have fun ... share a laugh ... nothing ever toxic from him. Good example to follow as we continue.
Zombie.uft Nov 18 @ 4:47am 
heard the news, didn't want to believe it. if i didn't know it couldn't be true, i'd swear i saw you playing just the other day, because it felt like you were always there and always would be. you made an impact on this community, and it's inspiring to see the love shared in these comments. i hope you got everything you wanted from life, and that you rest well knowing your legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of everyone you touched here. we'd all be lucky to kick so much ass as you, as long as you. but it's good bye for now, feebs. we lost a good one, but we gained more than we may ever realize from the time we had you.
root Nov 17 @ 2:45am 
Feebs was a pleasure to play and hang with and the source of a lot of grins. Whenever Feebs was around, he always made the tone more fun then it would've been otherwise--a real glue-of-the-community type--and his presence will be sorely missed. I'll remember him every time The Edge or Arkinholm comes up in the map rotation and I'm going to really miss his wise cracks on the mic.
^2Devil^6Doc^4.uft Nov 16 @ 8:21pm 
Good Bye My River Boat Friend.
lint Nov 16 @ 5:06pm 
Feeb's favorite map, the Edge. Everytime we play it, I will think of him. He served in Vietnam, ran his own businesses, retired, and then found Quake later in life. All around, a fun guy to hang out with nightly.

It's sad to lose someone in our community, especially someone as dedicated to the game as him. I remember when I changed the server timeout settings just for him so that he would always have a place to idle. We joked when he was idle saying that he fell asleep at the keyboard again while playing due to his old age, but in fact, he really wasn't that old at all. I think the reality here is that we all pass away too soon. I'm glad that he was able to enjoy his life and share his time with us.

All that I have left to say is that they better have Quake where he is now, oh and women lol.

We will always remember him and without a doubt miss him. I love you, old man.
^2To^34^2sT Nov 16 @ 12:46am 
RIP Feebs, I'll miss seeing your tag amongst the spectators waiting for a shot at glory... or ridicule. All those late nights waiting for a spot was bearable seeing you there and listening to your sage words of wisdom and humor. I'm really sad ... Quake on in the great arena beyond!