Callan   Fermanagh, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
If you came to hear me beg, you'll be disappointed

Try to actually talk if you add me :xcom2ranger:
I'm not interested in trading, so if you're only going to add me for that, look elsewhere. I'm not interested in trading any of my items nor am I gonna gift you items/games unless it's special circumstances.

Online- Obviously here and willing to talk
In-game- I'll still be open to talk just not as frequently responding
Away- Probably showering, eating or doing whatever
Busy- I most likely want to be left alone to watch YouTube, movies or play games elsewhere
Offline- Dead
Top 5 Personal Favourite Games: 5) Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
4) Dead Rising
3) Left 4 Dead 2
2) Fallout: New Vegas (Mainly from when I grinded it on console)
1) Halo 1-3: Cheap move I know, choosing 3 games, literally impossible to choose between them

You're still reading? Ohh in that case have a star :german:
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Echo: Did I pull out? D:
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:al_hunter: lucky turtle visited your profile so your day is going to be amazing
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welcome to who wants to be a ded clone trooper
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i know what you did last summer