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Derby, Derby, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
The Gibus engies once thrived upon the ctf maps within their nests.
They used their survival tactics of sitting behind their machines mindlessly hitting eachother.

But then; THEY came

Devistation for the population arose.
Unusual wearing spies with a taste for sentry blood sprouted out of the depths of dustbowl, pummelling the easy meal to most certain death.
However not even this monstrosity is the main predator of these poor helpless creatures...
Bonk scouts, immune to the power of the sentries, stalked the engies' backs until they sat (what they thought was) safely behind their defences. These vile creatures sandman taunted behind their unaware prey.
The engineer would most certainly die; if not to the scout, to their own sentry blindly following orders tied within it's programming.
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Hey baby, do you have house insurance? Becuase I am going to break down your back door
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+rep nice guy and really strong player
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Top quality demo main and demo spammer
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-rep demo main
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Demo main shit stain