Sally O'Leary   Christmas Island
Hey and welcome to my magical fairytale castle! <33

Feel free to add me on Discord MadamDickTator#2924

If you do wish to add me then make sure you are willing to play games on a regular basis. If we don't speak or play you will likely be removed after a couple of weeks. So make sure we also have games in common to play. Oh and use Discord!
If your profile is fully private you will be instantly ignored.

I enjoy a variety of games/genres like survival, horror, action, adventure and fantasy. FPS & TPS.
My favourite games include: Borderlands, ARK, Elder Scrolls Online, Dead by Daylight.

D.O.B: 09.02.1989
Gender: F
Nationality: Irish/English
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My precious baby who I miss very much <33
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Luna♥ Mar 12 @ 1:45pm 
Cool thanks! I will check it out :D
Nixtut Mar 12 @ 6:02am 
Trust in the Redwood biome, friend. It will not let you down and is abundant with JP dinos. Cheers:)
Luna♥ Mar 11 @ 11:22am 
Hey, ah yeah I found a Torvo since but still not a Tyrannotitan so if you're able to tell me I'd appreciate it! Thanks :)
Nixtut Mar 11 @ 8:05am 
Hi, I saw your Ark commet about 2 dinos. I know where you'll find them if you haven't already.
Luna♥ Feb 19 @ 5:58am 
Erm good for you!
Princess Feb 19 @ 5:32am 
"yes i am female" lmao