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Chochy Nov 12 @ 11:52pm 
Chochy Nov 11 @ 12:45am 
mge me we pedal
UnnecessaryFire Oct 31 @ 11:12am 

Intentionally throws every single game, then complains and blames everyone else for losing. He has already deleted other comments like this from his profile multiple times. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
t4ntrum Oct 27 @ 9:12am 
checked the chatlog and you complaining about playing with 5 was because of you, because I would not have repped myself if you would have just healed me
t4ntrum Oct 27 @ 9:10am 
really need to buff me on mids, that is why I repped myself I literally slowed down so you could buff me, you still look away I stand in choke behind you still waiting for you to buff me, you still do nothing, should do something with this if you don't know the rollout for medic it puts your team in a big disadventage
+rep nice car