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the german stinger 18 hours ago 
I love what this thread has become :)
The Seven Memes of Rhye Nov 19 @ 7:34pm 
I fucking remember you, you damn pervert. You were that guy that pushed me on the McDonald's parking lot floor and violently shoved a dick in my mouth and told me, "You have to drink it all~" and slapped me in the face with it for 3 minutes while repeating the same fucking phrase over and over again, "You like this, don't you? Dirty whore~". Then when you were about to squirt you shoved in in my mouth and you forced me to gag and swallow it. You then said, "Choke on it you slut!" and left me to rot in the corner. Not only that, but you damaged my throat so badly, everytime I eat or drink anything I can still taste your salty, thick cum in my throat. Now, everytime I'm having a good time eating my favorite foods, I always remember you licking your lips and moaning.
ᎯᎯℛℐ Nov 4 @ 10:48pm 
Choke me

-rainbow craft 2017
The Seven Memes of Rhye Nov 1 @ 12:39pm 
Who would win some jews or a winmill
   \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
   /   へ\
   /  / \\
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ
  / /
  / /|
 ( (ヽ
 | |、\
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
`ノ )  Lノ
(_/Jew wins
Dankey Kunt Oct 31 @ 2:45pm 
ok lemme ask you one thing...

how the flying fuggin jesus on a breadstick am i supposed kill the clusterfuck that is beppi the cunt and djimmi, and the candy bishes that are literally based on luck for me (on the first 3 phases) and when i get lucky and get to that final phase wot tf do i do cuz the only time i even moved a tiny bit on the taunting line that cuphead runs on, was when i used my super
Dankey Kunt Oct 30 @ 1:34am 
yeet i has cuphead