Anna RIP Dupstylez
Yo' mama   Romania - Watch my tutorial !!!
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Forever in my , Dupstylez 11.10.2016
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Most commun questions:

Which accent is that?
- Romanian but i live in Canada

Are you a little boy or a girl? ( I think all the girls get this question, I personally think you need to get the fuck out of your house more often)
- I'm a woman

Is it you in the picture?
- Yes

Who is Dupstylez?
- A saint that died in a plane crash on 11 Oct 2016 , one of the biggest traders and my best friend that left me too early, at 28 years old.
Forever in my , Dupstylez 11.10.2016

About myself:

Weird person, in a relationship, friendly but not so friendly. Biggest mood swinger of all times. Sometimes people tells me I'm adorable, other times they think I'm retarded. Some other times i scream too much and I think they are right.
I love animals more than humans. I hate everything that is under 24 years old with small exceptions and only for limited time.

I clean my friendlist every month, so feel free to add me if you consider we might get along. I normally play solo, I don't like to play in party not even with my friends so don't feel offended if i don't join the lobby.

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Ralf Há 14 horas 
Idk why, but why u deleting me every times ? Xd khazol
Aru. (CSHOY) 24 de Mai às 14:56 
I miss you!
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Woah Woah!!
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Hey there! Add up!!
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Added for trade
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+rep adorable lady with a beautiful voice.