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~Stuff you need/want to know~

If you are looking for an amazing sfm poster , add Little Shayman! He only takes 1 ref for it :3

Personal Stuff

Name : Bastian i would prefer being called Basti
Age : 16 , looks like 13 and sounds like 8
Gender : Male ( Omg i just assumed my own gender)
Birthday : 5th June (i want dem gifts..... Kappa :bleach: )

There's more to life than games
But I have absolutely no interest in finding out what it is

Online Information

Online : probs playing fortnite or just not playing anything. (will respond after a short amount of time (probably) )
Away : either watching youtube , sleeping or out for a walk (yes even i do that from time to time) (might take a while to respond)
Busy : Sleeping
Offline : Sleeping
(yes i love sleeping.Sleeping is amazing.)

Tf2 Infos
Main Classes :
Demo , Soldier , Medic
can merc solly and demo


NEVER beg for items :bleach:
Dont invite me to random groups :bleach:
Dont spam in chat :bleach:
Dont invite me to games i dont have :bleach:

Random shit~

THIS is pure art

That´s it :D

Thanks for looking all the way down here
Have a nice day

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