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Dude, sucking at something is the first step towards being sorta good at something. - Jake the Dog
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New season starts with a nice PLATINUM rankup, maybe these is the perfect season for DIAMOND <3
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--------------------------------------------------- Welcome-Willkommen ----------------------------------------------------------

---- SocialFucker ----

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iAliKocer
Uplay: iAliKocer ("PLZ.Fix" Since Ubisoft dont fix Rainbow :P)
SocialClub (GTAV): iAliKocer
League of Legends: DerFuFuxD
Origin: iAliKocer
UTube: @iAliKocer

---- Who I am ----

I'm Ali , from Germany . (maybe, maybe not :))

---- Do you have any Questions? ----

If you have any questions or like to tell me something else and I'm not online at this moment, you can add me on my social networks like twitter and say it to me.

---- G-Zone ----

Tom Clancy's™ The Division

Gearset max: 256
Gearset normal: 256
Dark Zone Rank: 52
Underground Rank: 40

Tom Clancy's™ Rainbow Six Siege

Clearance Level: 116

Rank Year ONE
Operation Black Ice:
None Ø
Operation Dust Line:
Silver IV
Operation Skull Rain:
Gold III
Operation Red Crown:
Platinum II
old Ranking system ( Platinum III is better than Platinum I)

Rank Year TWO
Operation Velvet Shell:
Platinum III
Operation Health:
Operation is in Season
Operation Unkown:
To Be Revealed
Operation Unkown:
To Be Revealed
new Ranking system (Platinum I is better than Platinum III)
Fav. Attacker: Sledge, Twitch
Fav. Defender: Valkyrie, Echo

Grant Theft Auto V

Online Level: 135
Online Cash: 285.2M (Deleted by Rockstar)

PayDay 2

Maximum Steahlt!
First World Bank Solo steahlt Death Wish, tooks fucking 4h of my bullshit LIFE

Call Of Duty Easter Egg's

>Black Ops
Ascension: Done
Call of the Dead: Done
Shangri La: Done
Moon: Done

>Black Ops II
TranZit: Done
Die Rise: Done
Mob of the Dead: Done
Buried: Done
Origins: Done

Point of Contact: Done
Nightfall: Done
Mayday: Done
Awakening: Missing EE
Exodus: Missing EE

>Advanced Warfare
Outbreak: Missing EE
Infection: Missing EE
Carrier: Missing EE
Decent: Missing EE

>Black Ops III
Shadows of Evil: Done
Der Eisendrache: Done
Zetsubou No Shima: Done
Gorod Krovi: Done
Revelation: Done
Ascension [Remastered] : Done
Schangri-la [Remastered] : Done
Moon [Remastered] : Done
Origins [Remastered] : Done

>Infinte Warfare
Zombies in Spaceland: Done
Rave in the Redwoods: Done

---- ENDE ----

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Meu whatsApp 45999269930 me chama ae quem quiser!!
Meu whatsApp 45999269930 me chama ae quem quiser!!
Aqui meu https://www.facebook.com/marcoss.rodrigoo 💙 Me segue ai parceiro?
@iAliKocer Jul 24 @ 9:00am 
LuL a NAZI sign
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