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:target:"Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind" - J.F.Kennedy:target:

Name: Dallas
Age: Ask
Hobbys: Anime,Manga,Games,Music,Military,Zombies
Favourite color: Black and Green
Online status: Always:)
I'm ready to talk anytime you want:)
I'm friendly:)

:colt:"War Does Not Determine Who Is Right — Only Who Is Left":colt:

🎶What music I like?🎶
Heavy Metal
Favourite Bands:
-Avenged Sevenfold
-Guns n Roses

Favourite Drink:

:alpen:"To those you serve your life means nothing":alpen:

💙My favourite Anime:💙
- Akame ga kill
- Highschool DXD
- Highschool of the dead
- OniAi
- Re:Zero
- Sword art online
- Infinite Stratos
- Hyperdimension Neptunia:nepnep::noire::Uni::blanc::SisterRam::SisterRom::vert::Histoire::iffy::compa::BlackHeartRebirth3::GreenHeartRebirth3::IrisHeartRebirth3:
- New Game!
- No game No life

I don't like when your profile is private it doesn't make sense

:freezing:"Those who are bold enough to spend their life facing the darkness are the first ones who will spot the light":freezing:

Wanna play GTA V? Add me here:
Social Club: X-D-Man-X
Social club [pl.socialclub.rockstargames.com]

:magazine:"You can only die once, so make sure it's worth it":magazine:

:HeartPix:My waifu:HeartPix:
Kirishima from Kantaii collection
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Just Monika
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★Just Monika★ Feb 16 @ 10:20am 
why did you delete me? I'll come to you at night and cut out your whole family while you sleep:steamhappy:
Only in the Fire of the Crucible shall out steel be tested
Through WAR and STRIFE I shall hone my craft
To fight for ones loved ones
To fight with ones brothers
Give your heart to the banners of WAR
Hachiman Hikigaya Feb 9 @ 8:44pm 
SAO is on favorite anime list. Just like me.
T. Parker [F-516] Jan 29 @ 10:31pm 
+rep Likes Sabaton... Does not get better then that.
have a sniggers you aren't you when your hungry
Let me add you. Clear up your friends list. Friends list is full.