Asriel and Astell
Caleb   United States
Name: Caleb

Age: 29

Undertale characters:
Names: Asriel and Astell
Ages: (Asriel) 13 (Astell) 1

MLP OC: Clix
Species: Changeling
Age: 1
Eyes: Red
Wings: Red
Likes: Cratlik, messing around, being kind to others.
Dislikes: other Ponies and Changelings picking on him, being told what to do, being alone.

Clix's Origin:
Clix is a unique Changeling, cause he was not born in the hive of the Changeling queen, 2 changelings, one known as Zone (Clix's Dad), who escaped from the hive, eventually, cause he had horrible experiments done on him,and the other Changeling, female, named Sally, was a Friendly changeling, and snuck out of the hive, cause she didnt believe in the evil ways of the queen, Zone and Sally i ran into each other (cause they both escaped at the same time) they quickly fell in love, and gave birth to a baby Changeling, with Red eyes and Red wings (like Zone), they named him Clix,and Zone and Sally were very happy, but the day the invasion of canterlot happened, their family was in danger (cause thier home was a cave near canterlot) and to protect his family Zone went outside and told Sally and Clix that he loved them very much and to find a safe place to hide, while he would fight off any changelings, if they were to discover their location, so Sally ran, with Clix, and escaped safely, and hide in a nearby bush, and waited for a long time, then when the invasion was over she and Clix returned to the cave, but there was no sign of Zone anywhere,Sally feared the worst and spent 2 months looking for him with no luck watsoever, she felt horrible, and she didnt want Clix to find out he had lost his dad, so since Clix was so young, and wouldnt remember anything, she decided, she couldnt take care of him, anymore, even though she loved him witth all her heart, she just couldnt keep up, with this saddness, in her heart, so when she was trying to figure out wat to do with Clix, she heard som1 say "Halt!" and there standing at the cave enterance was a changeling guard known as Cratlik, and just when he was about to stab Sally, Clix ran up and hugged Cratlik's leg, and cratlik felt a feeling he hadnt felt in along time: sadness, so Cratlik told Sally he would take care of Clix to his house where the gaurdsmen live (since no Changelings invade other Gaurdsmens houses)and told Sally to find a safer place to hide.1 year had pasted since that day, and Clix was now 1, and thought Cratlik was his Big Brother (since he was too young to remember his mom and dad) and Cratlik just went with it, but 1 day, the Queen was looking for a gaurdsmen, who had turned traitor, and was having her gaurds search the houses, and Cratlik knew that Clix would no longer be safe living with him, so Cratlik put Clix in a basket and ran towards canterlot, desigued as a pony, so Cratlik knew it would be too risky to leave Clix with another Changeling, so Cratlik decided to take a huge chance,and leave Clix with a pony, Cratlik knew Ponies were full of love (even though he didnt like them) Cratlik knew this cause he had his heart broken by one, suddenly a huge storm was starting to take form,so Cratlik put his cloak over his head and ran through the rain, when he noticed a blue pony named Kepler in a home crying and loooking at a picture of his family, who Cratlik knew he obvisly lost, so Cratlik put the bsket with Clix on Kepler's doorstep, knocked, and ran into the storm never to be seen again, Kepler then opened the door and saw Clix crying, and Kepler quickly hid behind the door (cause Kepler knew that Changelings were evil) and when Clix saw kepler peaking out from behind it, he giggled, Kepler then realised, Clix was just a baby, and not evil, so Kepler took Clix inside,and that was that, but wat would the other ponies think...
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