Gad   Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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want more info about me? fine..

age: 28
Gender: Female
Relation: My partner E to the G
I belive in 1 partner for life, If i were to lose my current partner i wont be seeking another.
I am more of a kid than an adult.. i like having fun being a child because growing up is overrated.. Old is just another number - You only feel old if you act old. Whats wrong gramps? Cant handle all this fun?

Steam status?
Online - Gee i wonder?
Away - Nah.. im not gone.. ive left my soul on the computer..
Busy - Hmm... i wonder..
Offline - its obvious.
Trading - Depends..

ok let me get this into your head.. I have Autism *you kids might think its a term for Retarded* but its not.. people with disabilitys can do equal or even better then you with specific things.. we may have weaknesses but it dosent stop us from trying it in differ ways.. or like you *normies* give up because its *hard* and never get a job or a living.. kids give up 2 easy..

as above ill get into what my in-abilitys are.
Memory - short attention span - Verbal speech *i hear other words on specific things* i learn a differ way so you would need to show me things in order to do them..

moving on..

: Music: Gorillaz - Ive been into their music since i was 12-13yrs old, Still a big fan today, Been to plastic beach live (Wish they visited aus more, would love to see Humanz live some day) - 70-80-90s to daftpunk,rammstein,msi,korn,david bowie. etc*
games: Wow - Overwatch - Ark - PCE - Saurian *im hyped for this* anything multiplayer that isnt shit.

Dont start *thats racist* with me, takes a mind to realise we are all the same fucking race.. racist/racism are for those who cant deal with things that they cant accept.. I dont see anything differ with you and myself nor a non human race.. im sorry but ive had enough with idiots..
todays generation of people * im sorry but atleast the 80-90s actualy learnt not to do and to do in our time, you on the other hand either you do something stupid and blame that thing or person eventho its your fault 100% or die from something even more stupid..

Best friends *shuffled*:

Arty - i wont be surprised that we meet each other in hell - always up for a fight to defend others,understanding, such a big troll when its for fun.

Lady - you may be a tough bitch but you look out for friends,others *leadership pin*

Sharky - herpin a derp, shark with clown suit. never fails to make you smile on dull days.

Alph - Murp.

Tho i miss playing with you guys all at once.

Currently Online
My youtube channel: ( Divixons is my old game name, before i started to use youtube for recording videos rather then just watching,chatting )

What i use when i play depth:
I always have OBS open for recording my gameplay or other ( ) If lucky - find a hacker/etc.
and NohBoard ( Found some youtuber/twitch streamers with this feature ) - Shows your mouse/keyboard and mouse movement pad.( )

Before you call out (Hacker,abusive) towards the player, take this in mind..
Once in a match you can press ESC to show all the players that have their Level + Games played for both shark and diver Look for the numbers. Blue Divers and Red Sharks.

Me for instance is 186 divers,728 sharks - wich changes alot - (Ive been called hacker many times because i main Thresher and Hammerhead) Wich again as above i use OBS and Nohboard to prove my gameplay is legit

Im usualy an achivement whore + badge whore with most games - non steam and steam itself, all gained legitly

Favorite Game
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Favorite Group
The Isle Life - Public Group
The Official Group Page for TILtheEnd Servers
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How dare you Pepe my shit, im triggered.
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Wow,I didnt know anyone on steam that liked gorrilaz too.I really like the Gorrilaz,fav. band