Gad   Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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want more info about me? fine..

age: 28
Gender: Female
Relation: My partner E to the G
I belive in 1 partner for life, If i were to lose my current partner i wont be seeking another.
I am more of a kid than an adult.. i like having fun being a child because growing up is overrated.. Old is just another number - You only feel old if you act old. Whats wrong gramps?
Steam status?
Online - Gee i wonder?
Away - Nah.. im not gone.. ive left my soul on the computer..
Busy - Hmm... i wonder..
Offline - its obvious.
Trading - i hardly use this but ive been meaning to..

ok let me get this into your head.. I have Autism *you kids might think its a term for Retarded* but its not.. people with disabilitys can do equal or even better then you with specific things.. we may have weaknesses but it dosent stop us from trying it in differ ways.. or like you *normies* give up because its *hard* and never get a job or a living.. kids give up 2 easy..

as above ill get into what my in-abilitys are.
Memory - short attention span - Verbal speech *i hear other words on specific things* i learn a differ way so you would need to show me things in order to do them..

moving on..

: music * 70-80-90s to gorillaz,daftpunk,rammstein,msi,korn,david bowie. etc*
games: Wow - Overwatch - Ark - PCE - Saurian *im hyped for this* anything multiplayer that isnt shit.

Dislikes: todays generation of people * im sorry but atleast the 80-90s actualy learnt not to do and to do in our time, you on the other hand either you do something stupid and blame that thing or person eventho its your fault 100% or die from something even more stupid..

Best friends *shuffled*:

Arty - i wont be surprised that we meet eachother in hell - always up for a fight to defend others,understanding, such a big troll when its for fun.

Lady - you may be a tough bitch but you look out for friends,others *leadership pin*

Sharky - herpin a derp, shark with clown suit. never fails to make you smile on dull days.

Alphie - Murp.

Tho i miss playing with you guys all at once.

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Falc,Alpine,Steel,Bearded,Okastoni-Loco, Female alpha - 3 DLC Novas,Wild dog stat - Bonfire - Volcanos - Acro collar, Zippy,Helicoprion,Fire Gw,Grimtooth mako
Most of my inventory tbh - Basicly whats listed in Showcase are not for trade.


Most of the pce skins - Read the Not for trade skins first
Shark attack 2 deathmatch game gift x2
Diver skins - shark doubles
Great White - Chained - I have a double - Only seeking the abyssal bull Stitched. - Look for yourself XD


Clarence, The Gentleshark
Frost - Dunk Greatwhite
Exogel GW

(To be honest im seeking all the shark skins for depth - Not much into diver stuff eventho i do play them)

[h1] Keep the offers fair - i go by market prices..
Pointing towards those who tried to trade $1 CSGO guns for zippy wich is atm $120 *eventhough im NOT trading zippy [/h1]

I have mobile auth for quick trades!

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Ruzo Apr 22 @ 7:25pm 
Cooper Apr 22 @ 12:35am 
I have Autism as well
{SiNG}Praetorian Apr 20 @ 5:59am 
Optimal Feb 2 @ 6:30pm 
lmao of course you'd post that
Mikasa アッカーマン Jan 8 @ 6:30am 
+rep always der to help a person out in #islechat c;

What a kind hearted person I have met :3
Thunder Jan 6 @ 12:49pm 
yep that's what I thought :D i love that series