Aiden Sagent
Hey. You may have remembered me from back in the day. Or recently. Doesn't matter I was taking a break from steam as I've been playing steam constantly for almost 3 years now with only a few breaks here and there. The main friends I play with is Dark Helix and Vexei. You may or may not know them but whatever, I did quit TW for a while and now moving on to web games, and a little more steam games. Of course, can't forget the amazing game, Fortnite-Battle-Royal.

The games I'm currently playing as of January 13th, 2018 are: (Steam games marked with an S) Brawlhalla(S), Fortnite (which is awesome), and a few other web games, like, ever heard of, which was what started the .io series in 2015? games like that are what i mean (like and other web games that end in .io) If you see me offline/not responding to your mesages for a long time, that probably means that I'm taking a break off of steam, However, I would at least let you guys know if I were to ever QUIT steam.

Notice: Please at least say something before changing your name, It really confuses me and I will end up forgetting who you are. I will keep my name as Broso56, or something related to that. Something that has Broso/Broso56 in it is what I mean. So you should remember who I am unless you just straight up forgot me xD

Username: Broso56
Fancy Username: вяσѕσ56
Amount of friends: 170 Something
Joined steam: 6/1/14 (3rd year of being a member!) (almost 4, which will be coming up in... around half a year)
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Broso56 Jan 20 @ 4:20pm 
Hey brah. (jack)
JackPotJack Jan 16 @ 3:25pm 
Broso56 Jan 12 @ 7:09pm 
well my april 12th 2017 comment has changed... entirely
like legit i just play .io games and NOW getting back to steam (:D :D :D)
Vexei Jan 11 @ 6:42pm 
(I'm still haunted with 56)
Vexei Jan 11 @ 6:41pm 
I am back and you will fear me.
Broso56 Apr 12, 2017 @ 1:40pm 
i just freinded a bunch of random ppl (like 72% is from rocket league xD)
so i forget alot of who ppl are, but some i know and play with (rarely) :steambored: