Aiden Sagent
Hey you may know me from a little back in the day, as I just recently hit my 3rd year of being a member! I'm active almost all the time, as I mostly play Teeworlds and Robocraft (steam). When you notice i'm not responding to your messages, that may just be because im not there. I am mostly on once a day at least, and when i'm gone, I never go offline, cause i'm lazy when it comes to that.
I am pretty friendly and active on steam, just make sure your not off for 100 days or so, and please, PLEASE let me know if your changing your name, I mean unless you don't care if I don't know who you are, but a lot of people have been changing names, and I don't know who they are.
However, the good thing is, I will FOREVER keep my username as 'Broso56'
so you shouldn't get confused, I came up with this username 3 years, 16 days ago (on 6|1|14, profile update, 6|17|17) and that's how people know me as. Broso56 or like something that is simalar to Broso56 / that has Broso56 in it. Just stay in touch with me at times, and I won't forget you! Please Notice: I won't play with you 24/7 as sometimes i'm either playing with a different friend, or just playing alone on a certain game, I have 47 games, but I don't play all of them. So it could simply be cause your playing a game im mostly inactive on. But if your a Teeworlds (TW) player / Robocraft (RC) player, then thats when you have the highest chance of playing with me.
During winter for most people, thats when im on almost 24/7, cause I don't play with my I.R.L friends (In Real Life a.k.a inperson friends) as much, as they don't come outside. Other than that i'm at least on once a day, for a hour or 2, and is always active!

Username: Broso56
Fancy Username: вяσѕσ56
Amount of friends: 190 Something
Joined steam: 6|1|14 (3rd year of being a member!)
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Broso56 Apr 12 @ 1:40pm 
i just freinded a bunch of random ppl (like 72% is from rocket league xD)
so i forget alot of who ppl are, but some i know and play with (rarely)
Broso56 Apr 12 @ 1:38pm 
O_o i might just all we litterly play is tw... tw... tw... tw... allday everyday (atleast me) i only play creativerse,unturned, and tw (tw i play without my brother, all the other games i do (only))
iMasterDoge Mar 31 @ 4:47pm 
pls friend me xD im O_o from tw
Broso56 Aug 13, 2016 @ 8:08pm 
timber, and like someone else, i forgot the name
Broso56 Aug 13, 2016 @ 8:08pm 
And two of my fav freind did too, a while ago