the gorilla   Mexico
No random adds,private profiles o level 0(will be ignored) and before to addme send a message with the reason if you dont leave the reason I will block you
before to addme learn my rules for trade... dont be annoying for me please like this guy steamcommunity.com/id/Nivlacanator

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gorillajustice - Public Group
lets make justice
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Some info about me and the trades.
I like the fps games
If you pay with paypal/steam card YOU GO FIRST
I always heard overpay offers for my items
Dont askme for gifts or I block you
I hate the salty and racist people
Im the confused trader xd
My favorite band is gorillaz
I got scammed for +200 keys so dont fuck with me,I know all the tricks .
I dont trade my cards,I buy allways for .22-.33
My favorite effect is cloudy moon i think and halloween effects so i prefer halloween effects offers for my unusuals but all offers are fine
I always loose in bets xd (spycrabs too)
My first unusual is the dp demo cannoball i dont know the name xd .
My tf2 mains are the spy and demo
My favorite game is portal 2
my bp.tf link [backpack.tf]
you can join to my group :csgoglob:Grineer:e:
my outpost link [www.tf2outpost.com]
my trade offer link
my steam rep link [steamrep.com]

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last played on Oct 17
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last played on Oct 16
gorillaijp 1 hour ago 
you blockme so... i block you you dont are a shit kid... you are an insult for the shit too
gorillaijp 1 hour ago 
"learn grammar" clap clap dude I dont want to use my best english for write a 12 year kid sorry dude but you dont are nothing for me and for alot of people too i repeat u i dunt guant to use a gud grammer for a 12 year kid so fak uff and if you have pants unblockme
gorillaijp 2 hours ago 
bonk i will write here because you blockme... IF YOU DONT WANT TO TRADE JUST CLOSE THE POST IDIOT IS EASY...(you want me to use capital letter) and i only use the capital leter for talk with important people no with a stupid guy and you still have the items i wanted so... you are a liar too :)
gorillaijp 21 hours ago 
bonk me up you are idiot? i saw your post in tf2tp or bazzar i forgot the page i just added because i wanted to trade with you
Bonk me up inside trade.tf Oct 16 @ 12:30pm 
Dude who tf are you
gorillaijp Oct 16 @ 11:43am 
can you learn to write fukin kek i dont understand you xd