This is where it all ends.
After failing my friends.
After failing my family.
After failing all those who surround me.
Now I stand here and alone,
moving forwards to try and atone,
striving to become stronger,
to never fail another.
Repent and mourn as I may,
they will not come to visit another day.
Matters not how many days and nights turn,
for I will never forget how I let them all burn.

As I walk forward, my path becomes rough.
Darkness comes shoreward, howling "I'm not a bluff."
Not I or my tools can combat such evil.
So my last move is to call their retrieval.
I shall go last to assure their survival.
Should they fall ill, I'll be sure of their revival.
If I don't make it out, I shall let that be my fate.
Should I take that route, I can finally see my fallen mates.
As the wretchedness slows my heart,
I begin to ask, "have I done my part?"
So now I lay, ill and done,
here finally to hold still and finish my run.

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