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43 minutes ago
In topic [H] Keys [W] items on list
Crimson Discotheque-6keys
Saffron Discotheque-3Keys
Orange Discotheque-3Keys
SkyBlue DIscotheque-3Keys
Lime Tachyon-3Keys
I am NOT taking any offers on Heatwave... Keys ONLY!
Please DO NOT add unless you have keys, comment offers.

Purple Mantis-4Keys
FG Mantis-4Keys
Lime Mantis-3Keys
Orange Mantis-4Keys
FG K2-3Keys
SkyBlue Neo-Thermal-4Keys
Cobalt Hexphase-3Keys
Hey all I am looking for 1-2 people to play and build a fairly large base and complete the game. I have a discord and what not... Add me if you wana party up and play the forest!!
21 hours ago
In topic [H] List [W] Keys/Offers
Please only add if you have keys, Other wise just comment your offers. Thanks!
ALSO NOT accepting offers for heatwave, Keys ONLY please!
Sky Blue Neo-Thermal-4 Keys
Cobalt Hexphase-3 Keys
Purple Mantis- 4 Keys
Orange Mantis-4 Keys
Forest Green Mantis-4 Keys
Lime Mantis-3 Keys
Black Mantis-3 Keys
FG GoalKeeper K2-3 Keys
Cobalt hexphase for 3 keys
Jul 22 @ 12:49pm
In topic [H] 4keys [W] Maigc Missile Forest Green
Originally posted by drag0n_rid3r2003:
Magic missile is 1k
I typed forest green but it didnt post.. along with rest of the list I posted in the description...
Jul 22 @ 12:45pm
In topic [H] 4keys [W] Maigc Missile Forest Green
Jul 22 @ 11:43am
In topic [H] 3keys+roulette[W] FG Magic Missile
add plz
Jul 20 @ 8:18am
In topic [H] Saffron Turbine [W] Biomass
Jul 20 @ 7:16am
In topic [H] Saffron Turbine [W] 5keys or Offers
Comment only please
Add ONLY FOR KEYS PLEASE. Otherwise Comment.
[H] 6keys [W] Crimson Magic Missile
[H] Lime Mantis [W] 3Keys
[H] FG Mantis [W] 4Keys
[H] Purple Mantis [W] 4Keys
[H] Black Mantis [W] 3Keys
[H] Orange Mantis [W] 3Keys
[H] Crimson Sunburst [W] 2K/Offer
[H] FG GoalKeeper K2 [W] 4Keys
[H] 2x Cobalt Hexphase [W] 3Key/ea.
Orange Mantis-3k
Forest Green Mantis-3k
Purple Mantis4k
Cobalt Hexphase-3k
Pink Hexphase-3k
White Hexphase-9k
Forest Green K2-4k
Cobalt K2-2k
Jul 18 @ 1:05pm
In topic [H] Animus [W] 4Key/OR/ Good offers
Originally posted by
4 keys Impossible to get...
welp I just posted cause I had it and didnt use it... looked and saw highest value was 4 keys... set it high to negotiate...
Jul 18 @ 1:04pm
In topic [H] Animus [W] 4Key/OR/ Good offers
Originally posted by DanteBoi_i:
FG Mantis?
Got any other colors? I have FG Purple and orange atm.. no grey or saffron plz.
Jul 18 @ 1:00pm
In topic [H] Animus [W] 4Key/OR/ Good offers
add for keys only please
add/comment offer
Originally posted by Gechena:
if you interested
Triplex White for 4k,Triplex White+Ninjya+1k for Spectre
No sorry I already have white triplex and ninja :/ Also spectre is still 6-7 so dont lowball cause price is dropping... it is DROPPING IT HAS NOT DROPPED BELOW 6 YET!
add or comment offer
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