Sean Carlo
Sup :3
I see your reading people's description for better understanding to your friend :3
Or you just don't care I guess ^^' :/
Alright,Seanshultze! =) Polite,Sympathetic,Honest,Willful,As well as Cooperative,Objective,and somewhat Lunatic! :3 If there is possible that will trigger that incase ^^' I do have a very Excellent Mood swings(Not double faces) that will kept me versatile by high adaptability on the battlefield,mainly I'm a Medic,but somehow I'm an experienced cold Marksman and the Lunatic part comes from my superior strategist personality :3

Basically,Its like I've organized my head in a full set ready within seconds ^^'

Seanstutzen-The Heavy Medic,Selfless Healer,Slow,Weak,Loads every single Firepower in the inventory

Seanscharf-The Lone Marksman,Neutral Loner,Quick response,lived enough to stalk in minutes,restricted only with High Accurate Lethal Weapons

Seanshultze!-The Militarist Strategist,Aggressive Leader,He's already on the Way before you think you have to Run,Terribly the Fanatic that never dies until your submission,Often use a Pistol and the Rank to show who's the boss and claim the sector(and a Good Bone Breaker,Literally >_>)
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+rep friendly and a good player
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