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𝔥𝔦 𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯𝔢 ★^_^★   Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand
I am Lonely pls play with me :)

go and see the more info before you do anything and you must know the person who your adding.

I dont like people who goes rough or mean to me or my friend if i see them in real life i'd fight for them and i'd protect them same goes for good one's.If i see one that hurts or breaks a persons heart or feeling i will not care for the person who does that to them.

if i did something wrong or hurt your feeling i will go to you and message you a apology, for what i said or for i what i did wrong that goes for everyone.

hate me:
then get out off my sight and leave me in peace or just unfriend me or block either way

like me :
I love you and enjoy together

you where mean:
sorry man i didnt know that went hard for you. will you forgive me :(.

lets play You And Me:
alright lets do it.

play, chat , fun , whatching ,nap on desk.

Busy : <-----
not here. im busy im look .

arcade, work, real life bike racing challengers so i race i mean loook.
and sLeeping.

im invisble no one can see me bAAAAAAh.
im sleeping go away.
Im not up yet give me 5 more minutes.
Im eating get your own food.

if you want to add me tell me the reason why first before anythings happens
if its a no then its a no
But if it's a yes then lucky you we are going to have fun.
yet i wont be easy to add me RULES

no lower then lvl 5
no bans
nor vac bans
scamming is a straight to 911 HQ aka blocked and report

thats all

thanks everyone
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