Joey Jazz
Ya like Jazz ?
If you do, then let's take a deeper look at the wonderous embodiment of classiness and edge I am right below |

I draw artworks, mostly a custom sci-fi story or fanarts for friends.
It's a hobby for now but I'm really going to get professionnal in a near futrure


What the fuck are you ?
Joey the slightly annoying shark, forged from video game communities and edgy backstories.

What are those characters I don't know who keep appearing in your artworks ?
Well, it's because I imagined myself a sci-fi story involving a lot of character, or in your language : "O.Cs". They all have a structured backstory but showing every characters and explaining the plot takes me some time so for now all you get are random isolated scenes and joke posts.

Why do you keep making sexual posts ?
Because my steam friends can take them as funny jokes while I actually consider them like... My NSFW material. So everyone wins in the End... I never posted actual porn anyways.

Where ? >.>

I bet you are gay.
Nope I'm not, I have an aliBI for that. Bwahahahahaha (sorry I had to do this one)

Are you a furry ?
Well, I don't identify myself as a member of any fandom or whatsoever, I just made myself an anthro shark character, nothing much...

Yiff in Hell furfag !
But I already told you I wasn't, ohhh whatever...
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So I got a drawing tablet for christmas...
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I just thought you'd like to know that today is the start of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel... jusayin. :P
☁Xtracer™☁ Jun 28 @ 5:21pm 
I will give you 1 lego if you say "Ya like Jazz"
LOL Scorpion May 22 @ 12:22pm 

idk im bored
Dr Rapture Feb 19 @ 8:13am 
Ya like jazz?
Peaceus Keepar (Bday today) Feb 16 @ 9:51am 
+rep. Better homie than Jaws or that Kenny fuccboi.
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A Cool Shark Guy :T