"Real Name" haha nice try   France
TF2 Spy main right here
Can play Spy up to Plat/High (top High on a good day)
Can play Pyro in Steel/Open and Scout in Silver/Open/Mid (Scout>Pyro in terms of skill)
Can play Scout in 6s up to Mid level

My Highlander History

/!\ If not precised, the class I was playing as is Spy.

=== ETF2L ===
- We Drop Mixtapes , S9 Open, 23rd (4-3)

- We Drop Mixtapes , pre-S10 Open Cup, 2nd/4 (2-1)

- We Drop Mixtapes , S10 Open, 21st (4-3)

- CRAZYBWAII Clan , pre-S11 Mid Cup, 1st/4 (3-0)

- CRAZYBWAII Clan , S11 Mid/High, 8th in season and 1st in Mid playoffs (6-3)

- CRAZYBWAII Clan , Experimental High Cup #8, 3rd/8 (3-2)

- CRAZYBWAII Clan , S12 High, 2nd tied in season and 1st in playoffs (6-1) as sub Spy

=== UGC ===
- Amputee Twister Club , S18 Silver, 3rd in season and 6th in playoffs as sub Spy (6-3)

- Cult of Ivan , S19 Silver, 1st in season and 3rd in playoffs as sub Spy (9-2)

- Family Friendly Squad , S20 Gold, 2nd in season and 2nd in playoffs (9-3)

- CRAZYBWAII Clan , S21 Plat, (0-2 ; dropped due to incomplete roster), then played for Frog Village and helped them during the season

- We rock (Fun Team), S22 Silver (1-1 ; 9th)

My 6s History

=== ETF2L ===
- Mattu Vituu? , S25 Open, 67th as Scout (3-4) with a bunch of memers

- SLAYER_IRL , S26 Open, as Scout (0-1 ; dropped)

-- Ratatouille , One-night-cup Mid, as Scout (playing for the memes, 0-3)

My 4s History

=== UGC ===
- Jewish Colosseum , S8 Steel, 1st in season and 3rd in playoffs as sub Scout (10-2) with a bunch of memers again

Summary of my (team's) HL achievements in chronological order

-3rd place in Silver, UGC S19
-2nd place in Gold, UGC S20
-1st place in Pre-S11 Cup, Mid
-1st place in Mid, ETF2L S11
-3rd place in Experimental Cup #8, High
-1st place in High, ETF2L S12

My current teams

-Zesty Memes for Rickets-Ridden Teens in 6s ETF2L S27 (main Scout if the project happens)
-We Rock in Highlander UGC S22 (main Spy)
-LFT Top High/Prem for HL ETF2L S13 as main Spy

Other games I play (or used to)

Tryhard games :
-Overwatch (about 280hrs in it), Master-level, Grandmaster if I would grind it [Rarely playing]
-Black Desert Online (~550hrs), lvl 56 Musa/Blader, 497 AP/DP [Rarely playing]
-TERA (~1000hrs), lvl 65 Berserker (was max lvl when I was playing), PvE lover, about 195 gear level (max being around 205) [Quit]

Casual games :
-Osu! (120hrs), lvl 91 4-4.9* farmer, can pass maps up to 6/6.5* (and one 7.3* map), 2.4K pp [Playing, not actively]
-Garry's mod (~100hrs in total) [Rarely playing]
-Saints Row IV (80hrs) [Very rarely playing]
-Left 4 Dead 2 (50-60hrs) [Very rarely playing]
-Chivarly Medieval Warfare (80hrs) [Very rarely playing]
I can also play Dota 2 or CS:GO for memes

My Battletag for OW : Gorzum#21839
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