Саныч   Russian Federation
....................:coolsam:How do I hate cheaters:kill:......................

:csgocross: Name: Alexandr
:csgocross: Age: 26
:csgocross: From: Russia - NiNo
:csgocross: Favourite Gun: M4A1(S), AK-47, AWP, MP7, Glock-18
:csgocross: Headphones - A4Tech Bloody G300
:csgocross: Mouse - Redragon Centrophorus Black-Red

My rank:
Silver 1
Silver 2
Silver 3
Silver 4
Silver Elite
Silver Elite Master
Gold Nova 1
Gold Nova 2
Gold Nova 3
Gold Nova Master
Master Guardian 1
Master Guardian 2
Master Guardian Elite
:hellangel_raven:Distinguished Master Guardian (new computer, sorry)
Legendary Eagle
:csgogun: Legendary Eagle Maste (maximum achieved)

Did you hear the one about me playing the game?
Selling my soul and changing my name.
Did you hear the one about me being a prick?
Did you know I don't care? You can suck my...
Did you hear the one about me trying to die?
Fist in the air and a finger to the sky.
Do I care if you hate me? Do you wanna know the truth?
C'est la vie... adiós... good riddance... fuck you!

Currently In-Game
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Sanich Mar 15 @ 11:19am 
Do not worry, you just play a little, it often happens XD
VP Lil Anal Avenger Mar 15 @ 11:13am 
3/19 XDDD
s'ebal Mar 13 @ 8:52am 
+rep top)
eXtremal Feb 28 @ 8:48am 
+rep Саня топ 3 лайка сразу!!!
✪ByrtY. Feb 26 @ 1:35am 
- rep russian shit
eXtremal Feb 8 @ 9:34pm 
+rep Саня топ 3 лайка сразу!!!:rainbowSmile::Quanton::afterlife::yinyangpurple::esprit::paradiseisland::seashell::tropicalfish::PoliceTLH::HappyGerka::WtSmileLove::WtSmileOF::WtSmileTigra: