tf2 passworded pubs played/playing

AsiaFortress Merc Cup 7 for Edelweiss
AsiaFortress Cup 10 Div 2 for HairyAres/Wine and Cheese (2nd)
AsiaFortress Cup 11 Div 1 for p00t1s iz kil?1! (3rd)
AsiaFortress Cup 12 Div 2 for ERA (TBD)

Ozfortress S17 Intermediate for Waka Flocka Flame Fans
Ozfortress S18 Intermediate for Cadenza
Ozfortress S19 Intermediate for Run Point
Ozfortress A Midsummer Night's Cup 1 2017 Open for Cadenza (1st)
Ozfortress A Midsummer NIght's Cup 2 2017 Intermediate for Cadenza
Ozfortress Ultiduo 11 for bad pun

UGC HL Asia S14 for The Computorz
UGC HL Asia S16 for Ageha
UGC HL Asia S17 for The Ayy Team
UGC HL Asia S18 for Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2nd)
UGC HL Asia S19 for Edelweiss (2nd)
UGC HL Asia S20 for Edelweiss (1st)
UGC HL Asia S21 for Edelweiss (3rd)
UGC HL Aus/Nz Plat S22 for Diruo Division (2nd)

UGC 6s Asia S19 for Aeternus Legacy Reborn
UGC 6s Asia S20 for Edelweiss (3rd)
UGC 6s Asia S21 for Edelweiss
UGC 6s Asia S22 for Edelweiss (3rd)
UGC 6s Asia S23 for Burger Apocalypse (2nd)
UGC 6s Asia S24 for The Breakfast Klub (TBD)

UGC 4s Asia S6 for La Dingusliga
UGC 4s Asia S7 for Goats and Oats
UGC 4s Asia S8 for Edelweiss (2nd)
UGC 4s Asia S9 for Edelweiss (1st)
UGC 4s Asia S10 for Edelweiss (1st)
UGC 4s Asia S11 for Edelweiss (1st)
UGC 4s Asia S12 for Edelweiss (TBD)
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Shitloy 11 hours ago 
the bezt shadiow fanm fikchioon evar!
Shitloy 11 hours ago 
A/n: hello people i am iz r team rat gh and rhis is the bestb soty every slo you better not flamez it becauser if you do then yoyura PREP!1!1111!11!
Shitloy 11 hours ago 
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Shitloy 11 hours ago 
a/n: dont flame me or your a PREP fangz for radibng mah fic if your a goth vanmpire sexy hawrty guyt and not A fuking POSUER!12111!11?11!111!1111
SHINDERELLA Tsubasa Aug 18 @ 11:41am 
 _ノ ヽノ \_
`/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ
(  (三ヽ人  /  |
| ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ
   |( 王 ノ〈
  / ヽ_/  |
  |  / |  /
Shitloy Aug 10 @ 11:57pm