Bringer Of The Light
Lucy O' Chap   Sexsmith, Alberta, Canada
[Heed The Advisory Below]
- Indulge yourself upon the comprehensive biography, written down below to familiarize yourself with whom you're dealing with.
- Above a different scribble of paper, no longer shall I involved myself with trading inquiries, due to relentless education drilling sessions.
- Refrain from querying me regarding the fundamentals of financial value recommendations, as you'll dwindle your remaining hours by performing as such.

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- Former competitor in the matchmaking scene; no longer afflicted with CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, nor the dreaded multiplayer online battle arena, for that matter.
Brief Details
~ Alias : Adolf Hitler , Bringer Of The Light
~ Gender : Russian Warhead , Male
~ Age : Mid Teens, 17

~ Languages : English, Chinese, BM
~ Preferred Authors : Stephen King, H.P Lovecraft
~ Genres : Action, Horror, Romance (Depends)
- Don't hesitate to persuade me into your inner circles; either I bring forth contentment upon your lives, or anguish & agony instead.
Purposeless Information To Shove Down
~ I tend to elaborate greatly, my deepest of remorse should you misinterpret messages that I'm attempting to convey; as I erect the listed divider above the Earth, from the embers below.
~ No longer operating around this particular account that often anymore, still I frequent here & there, particular around drama from time to time.
~ Of the constant expanding Internet, the likelihood of you encountering me elsewhere is pretty immense, particularly around wiki sites, or anywhere else for that simple matter.

~ No longer, shall I be the one to commence off the conversation, as I have difficulties expressing myself in such complex discussions.
~ Resting upon the grasp of the hand I'm bearing is the crafting endeavors of mine, which have significantly improved after the time of what felt like eons.
~ Should I grow into maturity, shall I engage myself upon the GAN Farmer Project; provided if I exist that long enough, with the sanity of mine still intact.
See you all magnificent bastards, in Hell.
Perfection is the key, paving towards success; don't let such a small obstacle hinder your inner potential. - Anonymous
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