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Back to Uni :(
IMPERSONATIONS - Double check the person that you're trading with is me - I do NOT have an active alt account. Anyone linking to my steam with the same pic/name is likely to be an impersonator. READ INFO BOX BELOW

Comment on my profile and please specify what you need! Sending a Trade Offer is the best way to trade me :)[/i]

Steam Level 100 Reached on 22/9/15!
TF2 Hours:
300 hours - [x] - Reached on 23rd July, 2014
400 hours - [x] - Reached on 22nd September, 2014
500 hours - [x] - Reached on 2nd November, 2014
600 hours - [x] - Reached on 10th December, 2014
700 hours - [x] - Reached on 13th January, 2015
800 hours - [x] - Reached on 20th February, 2015
900 hours - [x] - Reached on 4th March, 2015
1000 hours - [x] - Reached on 9th June, 2015
1100 hours - [x] - Reached on 2nd August, 2015
1200 hours - [x] - Reached on 29th September, 2015
1300 hours - [x] - Reached on xth y, 2015
1400 hours - [x] - Reached on 15th April, 2016
1500 hours - [x] - Reached on 9th July, 2016
1600 hours - [x] - Reached on 1st December, 2016
1700 hours - [x] - Reached on 2nd February, 2017
First Earbud! - [x] - Reached on 13th July 2014
First Unusual! - [x] - Reached on 13th July 2014 (Steaming Master's Yellow Belt)
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Info Box
Notice about Impersonators
I do NOT have an active alt. This person is an Impersonator and is attempting to scam you using me as a disguise.
I will ALWAYS have the following:
Steam Level = 120 or higher
> 1,700 Hours of TF2

Back to Uni
Unfortunately my holidays have finished and I will no longer be active on Steam. This means that I will rarely respond to any comments or friend requests. Sorry for any inconvenience :(

Information regarding Bots
If you're here with concerns related to the bots that I run, here's a bit of information that may answer your questions:
Unfortunately I do not offer trade backs. However, if you have made an error, I will gladly refund you the differences. Please send me a trade offer with a note or add me - If I have pure, just put it in the trade offer. If I don't, the note will inform me and I'll withdraw the pure from elsewhere
Unfortunately I'm currently too busy to handle manual trades. I'm now able to accept item offers for my bot's items! Just comment below :D

Mobile Authenticator is activated
If you have the following, I'm unfortunately not willing to trade with you:
Trade Holds
SR Mark or scam related bans

Favourite Game: TF2
Main Class: Soldier
Previous Main: Medic/Demo

Trading Sites
SteamRep - -
Outpost -
Trade Offer -

| steamname: Ace :3
| steam3ID: [U:1:157331688]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:78665844
| steamID64:
| customURL:
| steamrep:

Trading Info
Please do:
Send a trade offer!
Research before offering (duped items)

Please don't:
Attempt to Scam

Amount Spent on Steam: $10
Crates Uncrated: ~300
Unusuals Uncrated: 0


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Gudi Aug 19 @ 9:42am 
send a trade offer
[TCB-TF2] KGL 044A Faith Aug 14 @ 8:45am 
Hello, I would like to buy your Haunted Ghosts German Gonzila (20 Keys) But I don't have the keys for the moment, can you book it for me ?
Dr. Mlem ~(˘▾˘~) Aug 14 @ 12:46am 
Hi! Send you an offer onto your bot account please check it.
Rexz Aug 10 @ 2:45am 
█▀▄_____▀▄_█▀_________▀█_▀▄_▀▄_▄▀_█ HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG
DaxPhenomx Aug 8 @ 11:20pm 
Added you got a offer for your stout shako accept pls
TheHuynher | Aug 5 @ 9:12am 
Sent a trade for your Unusual Toadstool Topper and another unusual, is it going to be accepted?