Adam Gray   Fairmont, West Virginia, United States
"Jesus never asked us to sit on the sidelines and cheer for his cause" - Craig Groechel.
Currently the main medic for Pizza Department

#1 Top 10 TF2 Plays of the month July 2017
Currently Online
About Me
Adam Gray
Interesting Facts:
Outside of video games, I love playing volleyball, and spending time at my church camp. I am a Free Methodist, and just recently graduated from High School. I am currently employed, and am a Credit Card Customer Service Agent for Bank of America. My favorite verse is Romans 1:16. Favorite Genre is Hip-Hop, mainly by Christian artists such as Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Lecrae, KB, etc.
Jesus' name will break every stronghold!

More About me & Rules:
If you add me, comment why or you will be ignored.
If I remove you, it's nothing personal. I don't like a lot of people on my friends list.
I prefer to keep my friends list only for IRL friends, teammates and gamers if I really like you.
I will more than likely delete teammates after the season ends if the team disbands.
Don't spam the comment section, You will be blocked.
Don't spam messages to me, you will be blocked.
There is a little thing down below (FAQ) refer to it please.
Do not hate on anyone. I'm one of the nicest people you'll meet. I do not tolerate ignorance/hatred.
If I'm in game and you want me to play, I probably will, unless I'm pugging or watching a demo.
If I join you, I may not always join a discord/mumble.
I am a Christian, but I will not push someone to convert to my beliefs.
Do not push me to convert to yours.
I respect all religions/beliefs.
I will, but do not want to, debate religion, or anything for that matter.

Can I be your friend?
-Sure, comment why, though. If I remove you later, it's nothing personal.

What's your main?
-Medic. I'm also a very capable sniper.

Want to pub?
-Probably, definite yes if it's cp_gorge.

Want to pug?
-Faceit, no. TF2C, depends. PugChamp, yeah. Organized pug, depends.

What's your discord server?
-None atm, I'll get around to making it.

Want to Ultiduo?
-No every time.

Want to MGE?
-Almost always yes.

Are you okay playing with unexperienced Comp TF2 players?
-Only if they accept my critisicm to improve theirselves, yes. I want to help newer players.

You say you're good at TF2, but I beat you?
-No matter how good you think you are at something, there's always someone who's better.

The Gang:
Will post the gang once we have a full starting roster lineup

Status Updates:
Online: Thinking what to play, playing a nonsteam game, watching YouTube.
Away: AFK for different reasons.
Snooze: I'll never be on snooze.
Busy: Editing videos
Online mobile: Online.

My Computer (It's not that good):
Windows 10 Pro
465GB Hard Drive
Intel Core Quad CPU Q9300 2.50GHz
HP Compaq dc7800 Convertible Minitower.
AMD Radeon HD 5570
BlackWeb LED Gaming Keyboard
BlackWeb Gaming Headset
BlackWeb LED Gaming Mouse

Windows sensitivity 6/11

TF2 Sens
In-game sensitivity 3.4
Mouse DPI 800
zoom sensitivity 1

Useful Links for You:
UGC []
YouTube []

I don't trade.

Favorite Games:
Team Fortress 2
Mediveal 2 Total War (Lord of The Rings Reforged Mod)
Mass Effect 3
Unreal Tournament 2004
Battlefield 3
Lord of The Rings Battle For Middle Earth 2
Left 4 Dead 2
The Escapists 1 & 2
XCom: Enemy Unkown
Amnesia: The Dark Descent @ A Machine For Pigs

Competitive Information for Y'all:
Once again, I main Medic.

I am available to ring, as long as I'm not scrimming or playing a pug.

I am no longer going to main any class other than Medic in 6s. I am more than happy to sub/ring for other classes though, as I have quite a lot of experience on all classes.

Competitive History:
UGC 6v6 Season 22 Steel | The Xenons (Medic) (Captain) | 4th
UGC 6v6 Season 23 Steel | Rag Tag Team of Frags (Scout) | DNF
UGC 6v6 Season 23 Silver | RIP Bernie Mac (Scout) (Main then team died preseason) | DNF
UGC HL Season 23 Silver | Almost Famous (Sniper) (sub then team died) | DNF
UGC 6v6 Season 24 Platinum | Emergence 6s (Medic) (main cut for friends) | 12th
UGC 6v6 Season 25 Silver | Pizza Department (Medic) | 5-3 | 5th
UGC 6v6 Season 26 Platinum | Pizza Department (Medic) (Current) (Preseason)

Best to worst Class:

Just call me Vee, or Velocity. ( Not affiliated with Velocity-Esports )

My Cfg and such:
This includes my ENTIRE cfg, including my autoexec, class specific scripts, fully functional medic cfg, Crosshair Switcher, additional cfg's from other players(Mine is a combination of all of them), additional tf2configs, and my current hud. I will regulary update the link. PLEASE GO THROUGH EACH INDIVIDUAL SCRIPT. Please read through each script, including binds. What works for me may not be the same for you. Feel free to change it up.

My CFG []

Did you read through all of this? Well, then I have a treat for you. This is not a scam. If you head to the website linked below, you can watch thousands of movies for free! I use it all the time. Occasionally, an add opens another tab, just close that tab and you'll be good to go! Enjoy!
P.S. Some movies and/or shows with "CAM" next to them mean they just came out, and are very poor quality. After several weeks, when the movie or show comes out on DVD, it will be reuploaded to "HD"

SolarMovies []

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