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Poroltóóó Jun 22 @ 3:19am 
[TxHC] Hornycorn Jun 7 @ 3:46pm 
to the person below me, clearly you are an idiot (not as much as the owner of this profile) becasue you cant see its a humours name, as an artist i needed a catchy name that people would remember
~-For the guy below me-~ I hope your name is a joke, and that you actually don't masterbate to any porn versions of a child's tv show.
[TxHC] Hornycorn Jun 7 @ 12:30pm 
-rep x2, complained like crazy after i gaged and muted him on SMT-Gaming for calling an innocent person a scammer and witch hunting them, after this proceeded to call me a furry faggot on my profile, and removed -rep comments
Pootis Man Jun 6 @ 1:09pm 
If ya skip the few negative, ya can see the many more good reps
Pootis Man Jun 6 @ 1:08pm 
Ontop of that, Eevee was a fruad and a lie lmao