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if you're going to invite me to one of those autistic free CS: GO skins; just fuck right off with that shit

ACHIEVEMENT EARNED ON 12/13/17: I spotted and befriended the creator of the Wide-Brimmed Bandito and El-Paso Poncho, Yikes, on a 4chan thread
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[DJ] Lazy Mexican DJ Engie Oct 25 @ 12:36pm 
\/ you give me -rep cause i didn't respond to your every need, have some patience man
switzzgaming Oct 25 @ 10:24am 
-rep once again don’t be afk in your trades
[DJ] Lazy Mexican DJ Engie Oct 25 @ 9:47am 
\/ you think you owned me, but in reality you're just a 12 year old with a superiority complex that takes a minor win, and plasters it as the best, lmao; grow up \/
switzzgaming Oct 24 @ 9:56pm 
switzzgaming Oct 24 @ 9:56pm 
“You weakling” that’s an insult. BAM I was waiting for you to do that lol but I’m not trying to be cocky but you are a bit of anger issues and for that reason I’m going to block you
[DJ] Lazy Mexican DJ Engie Oct 24 @ 7:18pm 
\/ since you can't be assed to do the simplest job, you might as well stop; you weakling \/