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read it from top to bottom
Mimi 7月17日 13時54分 
Mimi to me: Are you like, a real Mimi?
Me: Technically, nah.
Mimi: Have you ever, like, take a pic of a cat?
Me: Nah...
Mimi: Did you buy a cat costume?
Me: Nah....
Mimi: Okay, I guess I'll have to teach you how to be a real Mimi...
We are the number 92! (x2)
*song continues*
Mimi: Now listen closely, here's a little lesson in kittenry, this is going down in history. If you wanna be a Mimi number 92, you have to chase a kitten on the run!
Just follow my moves, and sneak around, be careful not to make a sound! No, don't touch that! (steps on the cat's tail and it meows)