I'm sorry, I hate me too.

I like to watch anime and play video games with a majority of my spare time.
My favorite movie is Zootopia.
My favorite games are Awesomenauts, and Overwatch.
My favorite character of all time is Penny Fox.
My favorite anime is Watamote.
I suck and you probably shouldn't like me.
I'm sorry.
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Dinosour49 16 gen, ore 3:56 
c: thanks Sandy <3
♥Sandy 16 gen, ore 1:14 
Well I think you're adorable
Noxi :3c 31 ott 2016, ore 18:01 
Happy Halloween 💀👻
Nakata 26 giu 2016, ore 16:56 
his gAygAy gAyla is 2homo4me
Nakata 31 mag 2016, ore 22:16 
needs to be better
Dinosour49 25 mag 2016, ore 22:27 
Thanks for the pet Sandy! I'll love and nurture it every day and make a pillow fort! XD