Mackenzie   United States
Hai, I'm Dino, sorry if you don't like me, I'm not a big fan of myself either so we have something in common.

My favorite character in nauts is Penny.
I'm in the 11th grade. I like to just watch anime, listen to music, and look at art, and play games like Osu, and nauts with a majority of my spare time. I'z em terable aet spulling. My favorite color is pink. I hardly sleep. Message me here and there if you want I don't mind talking, its kinda hard to bother me so don't be afraid.

Please don't add me just so you can have a second and/or third in nauts.
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Xonifur 18 май в 13:17 
Oh god
Schmommy 18 май в 11:56 
Its true, I love your moans :>
❤önemi yok❤ 18 май в 10:04 
yeah but what's ironic is that everyone knows how lovely and great you are. and everyone loves you.
Dinosour49 18 май в 10:03 
Nice, everyone knows I hate myself.
❤önemi yok❤ 18 май в 10:02 
8:00 PM - Dinosour49: i love myself, so much

photoshop works, right?
Schmommy 10 май в 9:08 
I like your moans.