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The Tale of a Underaged soldier.

Edward was seen riding his bike. Moving towards the office to get signed up for the war. He stopped infront of the office, he got off leaving his bike on the sidewalk. He walked to the door. He reached out his hand, grabbing the door knob twisting it, and pulling it back. Edward walked into the office. He looked at the General. General spoke " You are Edward McCapherson, correct?" Edward nodded "Yes sir." The general took the papers and crumbled them up, throwing it in the garbage. The general said " How old are you? " Edward looked into the generals eyes " I am Nineteen years old." He lied, he was really 17 years old. Luckily his growing beard covered him. The general got up. " Alright. Repeat after me " The general raised his hand. " I, Edward McCapherson." Edward repeated what the general said. " I, Edward McCapherson. " The General spoke till the end. " So, are you ready to become a British soldier? " Edward nodded "Yes sir." Hours passed. He has made it to France, Combrai.
And he will enter the trenches, and experience what is so called... War.

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