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Essomtials shitty box of shity memes
“What do you do when there is an evil you cannot defeat by just means? Do you stain your hands with evil to destroy evil? Or do you remain steadfastly just and righteous even if it means surrendering to evil?”

“All men are not created equal. Some are born swifter of foot, some with greater beauty. Some are born into poverty and others born sick and feeble. Both in birth and in upbringing in sheer scope of ability every human is inherently different. Yes, that is why people discriminate against one another, which is why there is struggle, competition, and the unfaultering mark of progress. Inequality is not wrong, equality is.”
Essentials Competetive Exp.
S22 steel--Astronerds 4-1 (Medic main/team leader)
S23 steel--Astronerds 6-3 (Medic main/team leader) 5th place
S18 iron--Blood bath & beyond 3-5 (sub)
S20 steel--Exodus 6-5 (scout main) 8th place
S21 steel--Merc'D-Up 6-3 (soldier main) 10th place

Essentials online interactions
Friend: i just found shes gay, so rip dreams.
Essomtial: it's okay, have you heard of conversion therapy?

็็็็็Essomtial: omfg will material girl is the fucking best game ever XD
Will: god is dead
I just searched it up
็็็็็Essomtial: after like 30 min of it i got raped 3 times
Will: lmao
็็็็็Essomtial: u going 2 get it?
Will: I'm not going to get rape victim simulator
็็็็็Essomtial: k ill buy it for u
Will: no dont
็็็็็Essomtial: ur going 2 live stream it and im going 2 watch u get raped
Will: no pls
็็็็็Essomtial: over and over again
Will: my god
็็็็็Essomtial: god is ded remeber

TheTickingTimeBomb: well ur lvl 30
TheTickingTimeBomb: im lvl 13
TheTickingTimeBomb: and i strive to be as cool as you
TheTickingTimeBomb: and reach higher lvls
TheTickingTimeBomb: and when u die
TheTickingTimeBomb: thats my chance to strike
Essomtial: that will show me
TheTickingTimeBomb: FUCK YEA IT WILL
TheTickingTimeBomb: unless ur like an all-mighty being who shall live on forever
TheTickingTimeBomb: then im screwed

Wil: i can now say with utmost certainty
Wil: youre a huge faggot
Essomtial: im going 2 invest my birthday money into my steam acc XDDDD
Wil: i can say with utmost certainty
Wil: that is a poor investment

Essomtial: hey how did I do as demo?
Froyo Habib: ur ready for invite

Steep: rapy u shud give her some of ur magic
Steep: consentually

rt. noxd: are you actually lf an invite team

-Ess: marry chrismas Habib
cheater! hassassin: merry xma
-Ess: unless u wana scream when u fail a jump and then we will know for sure if theirs a delay or not
cheater! hassassin: LOL

In Discord
MemeLord: @neb♥ Bros before hoes n1gga
Pringle Boyo: chad x essential
neb♥: @MemeLord are you calling me a hoe? Because im certainly not able to be a bro
Pringle Boyo: ooo u just gonna take that !??!
MemeLord: did u just assume ur gender this is 2016
neb♥: I'm a girl
MemeLord:there u go again
neb♥:I can look down and see my boobs
MemeLord : maybe ur just a fat man tho
Pringle Boyo:ur gender isnt defined by your sex :rage:
MemeLord: these are all possibilities
neb♥: I'm a fat man like Hitler was a comedian
MemeLord : hitler was a comdeian tho
neb♥: No
Essential:when he killed 6 million ppl
MemeLord : He made me laugh

MemeLord: can my role be hitler
Essential: na
MemeLord: y
MemeLord: can it be Nazi
MemeLord: or Gay
Essential: some ppl in this server r gay
MemeLord: r some people also nazis
Essential: idk could be
MemeLord: i dont wanna offend the nazis

Steep:Silly nigger, rights are for whites
-Ess: LK
Steep: what does lk mean
-Ess: IP
Steep: steop speaking russian u fuck
-Ess: #-/
Steep: good talk man
-Ess: yep
Steep: lets play the forest in real life
Steep: first we need to crash a plane
Steep: 9/11 part 2
-Ess: Survival adition
Steep: Congrats artem now we are on the watch list Imao
Steep: instead of of the forest its "the burining building"
-Ess: instead of taking apart the body parts of canibals we can do that 2 the po po
Steep: Take a picture for their families to look at
-Ess: Kill all jews=kill all canabls
Steep: holocaust part 2
-Ess: Black hitler
Steep: no
Steep: i would gas him if he was black
Steep: nah man that just jamal
Steep: hes escaping his child support payments
Steep: hitler killed the wrong people

-Ess: 9/11 part 2
Draco: did I miss part 1?
Draco: Whats this 9/11 u speak of
Draco:it's all at 7/11

#whitelivesmatter: i will be their
#whitelivesmatter: unless i get hit by a car
#whitelivesmatter: or shot
#whitelivesmatter: or stabbed multiple times
Gom: your name is #whitelivesmatter
Gom: and you think you wont be shot?
#whitelivesmatter: or the bevers take over canada
#whitelivesmatter: XD

Essential: have u ever been raped?
Cyp: best question to ask on first date

Some kid in MM: get rekt demo, insta karma
Essential: Hes a bot u dumy

Sprinkles: lets play some hitlerwatch
Sprinkles: aka overwatch
Essential: XD

Essential___NERD: Did u hear this clown in a white van is giving away free candy!
Essential___NERD: I'm going 2 go get some
Sprinkles: thats me
Sprinkles: ill be glad to add u to my collection
Sprinkles: i mean give u candy
Essential___NERD: Really 1 sec theirs a long line kids come in and it takes them a long time 2 come out
Sprinkles: some of them dont come out
Sprinkles: and the ones that do, have cocaine surgically implanted in them

Essential:heroes never die!
Essential:heroes never die!
Friend: Communist fucker
Essential:heroes never die!
Essential:heroes never die!
Friend: then how come hitler is dead?

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