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Online - It means I checked ACTIVITY for the 4th time cuz IM VERY BORED.... Or means I'm playing alot of lol atm
In-Game - May not be very talkative at this point but hey I still love u
Away - Getting more of those Doritos and Mountain Dew!
Snooze - I guess I didn't drink enough Mountain Dew to stay up
Busy - With what, Life? Nice joke, Bruh.
Offline - Maybe Ded? Who knows? Leave it up to AptSpark to say (U better not lie m8)

Plz dont be shy to send me a chat message or inv me to a game, I really enjoy talking to someone even it be hate or just pure spam *Cough* Aspect and AptSpark *Cough*



My love life <3

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(But I Mean If Anybody Would Be Interested.... Someone Could Always Become My Waifu.....? Anime PFP Is Required For This)

The Most Funny/Weird Thing People Have Said To Me

------------------ How To Deal With Weaboos -----------------
jello (NOT gay): throw some hentai in the corner or a waifu pillow and that might distract them long enough for u to run away

A Rather ShyGuy: what you do is you get a t.v. and start by playing anime such as "boku no pico" and while they're distracted you renact the assasination of abraham Lincoln (recolorized version)

Bee Movie Memes: Toilet paper bro
Bee Movie Memes: Best way
------------------------------------ End ------------------------------------

ℚևℰℰℕ: we dont have food here
ℚևℰℰℕ: we have consumable dirt
ℚևℰℰℕ: and unconsumable dirt

Redd-O-Lantern: now there going to be w+m1 pyro WITH JETPACKS
Fink: now rocket jumping soldiers aren't safe from wm1
Redd-O-Lantern: ikr


- Trade Link

- I'm UNTRUSTABLE, I may scam u out of ur junk or I may take five hours to trade. Because according to the system by the people I have no "+REP" , so I'm bad at trading then isn't that how it works, right? Then again I don't have any "-REP", Cuz ya know surely owners would never delete those.... *Wink* *Wink*

- Don't be a scary cat. I don't bite.... I just give cancer. Just send trade if u want. U have junk I want and I don't have anything that worth that junk

- I'm mostly trading everything from CS:GO, TF2, DST, to Trading cards

- Expect 4 my CS:GO Super Rare Default skin knife, it stays with me

Games I Like/Love (Not In Order)
- COD Don't Starve/Togther (Sadly, Have No Friends To It Play With..)
- COD: 2 Darkest Dungeon (Get Flint-Scope M8)
- COD: 3 Half Life 1 and 2/Ep:1/Ep:2 (Sadly There No HL3)
- COD: 4 Modern Warfare CS:GO (Still Can't Get A Knife)
- COD: World at War Minecarft (No, I'm not a kiddddd u faggggg)
- COD: Modern Warfare 2 Fallout New Vegas (The 4th One Was "Meh")
- COD: Black Ops Garry's Mod (Never Fully Played Sandbox)
- COD: Modern Warfare 3 Killing Floor 2 (Never Really Played The First 1)
- COD: Black Ops 2 The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (Cya)
- COD: Ghost Team Fortess 2 (Best hat simuator ever)
- COD: Advanced Warfare Halo (Not 4 and 5, Those Suck)
- COD: Black Ops 3 Stubbs the zombie (I Miss U Pcgamer999)
- COD: Infinnite Warfare Star War: Republic Commando (One Of The Best SW Game There Is)
- COD: WW2 Goldeneye Rogue Agent (This Game Is Straight From My Childhood)

Thx To Call Of Duty For Making So Many Games So That I Could Make This Joke
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is mustard a instrument? Dec 12 @ 12:56pm 
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I have been know to be good on the bed~
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You of Elf On A Shelf, now get ready for

Redd On A Bed
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Really like that comic for the jester