Boy's Our Boy
Just call me Boy... I dont like to say my full name...
About me: I am a Roy main from Elibe. I'm also a learning artist...
Friend Rankings
I like to rank my friends based on their TF2 likeness. If you want to be ranked than be my friend and tell me watcha wanna be.
Boy's Our Boy: Average Everyday Boy
DeadlyCreatures: Horror Bird Ninja
DancingPillows: DOTA 2 the Human
Hinomaru(he was on my friends list for a short time): Shadows of the Deep
Glubbable(Not on my friends list but considers a friend): Doesnt need a Ranking. Too awesome for one
Demon Hamster: The Unstoppable Creature
SuperDean: The Administrator
Ravensbro: The Creator
Koishi(name changes frequently): The Rare Shapeshifting Youkai
tRolo321321: The Mass Manipulator
German Furboy(also name changes): German Furboy

A random song I made (guess what it is): uiu {yt}te {rt}tr {ty}yt (4x(meaning play 4 times)) {jk}lz {kl}zx lzx {zx}cv v{bv}cxzx x{cv}cx c xz
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Your Source Filmmaker videos are of good quality, good sir.