[MG] Matt de Guy
Matt Steinberg   Chicago, Illinois, United States
Location: The Bath
Hello world! Call me Matt. I love cars. I build on Gmod. I design cars in AutoDesk and on paper. There thats my description. Happy now?
Favorite Bands
The Gorillaz
Green Day

Honorable Mentions
[MG]Cheezus: for helping me learn to build and being a good friend.
BDroidz: for being a great friend.
Bkamahl: for helping me learn to build and being a good friend.
[MG]Bob[HD]: I hate you most of the time but funny as hell
[MG] Cookies: your a tinny bit annoying but fun to play with and I hope to help you build in the future
Nerdcat: funny as hell and respectable
Spyrox: Fun to build and play with great guy all around.
TheZaz969: Great friend and idol, great at building.
Jackpody: My idol for gmod building.
OneEarnedNeko: The man who taught me the basics of building in gmod cheers mate.
DynamX: a great friend one of the funniest people on MG(sometimes annoying)

TheZaz969: Are you fucking me?
I like cookies: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i like old asses
[MG]Cheezus:I have to help you people breathe
DynamX: and as he opened the door, he saw cheezus in the corner furociously beating his 3 foot canadian icicle to some moose porn.
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[MG] Matt de Guy May 31 @ 5:20am 
Oh fuck I fight back with Murdocs pickle
Nerdcat May 27 @ 10:35pm 
The enemy has been reinforced with an armored train. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhT_xi7RXPw
[MG] Matt de Guy May 27 @ 2:32pm 
Rev_Weasel May 26 @ 10:58am 
What happended
Nerdcat Apr 19 @ 10:35am 
Mr.Snackmix™ Sep 13, 2014 @ 6:07am 
Can i have some sos for dinner