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Helsing Jun 8 @ 12:03pm 
To the readers of the comment, cant you read?
Helsing Jun 3 @ 9:46am 
You may ask yourself while reading this "Why the fuck am I still reading this" or "Whats the fucking sense in this comment on Rockys profile" or something diffrent like "Fuck that Rocky guy he killed me in casual and wrote noob down who does he think he is, lets look at his shitty profile" and to be honest i cant answer your questions even tho the last thought was no question i still cant give you any answer on that. But i can tell you one thing that i know due to all the years that i play TF2 now and that is, that Rocky#RoadToValhalla isnt just your normal Pub player, no no no no wrong my dear friend he is a fucking TF2 legend, he is simply one of the best, he might not be the best but at somepoint we will be very close to it and trust me my friend he will beat you maybe not now not next week but in some point in the future he will!
Helsing Jun 3 @ 9:46am 
You! Yes you! Yes you there who is reading this shit! Come closer! Lemme tell you a little story.
I play TF2 for some time now not as long as Rocky or other players do but i would say longer than the most do and i have seen all kinds of player, you know the typical types of players the good the bad and the ugly ones like this evenwerk guy below this comment, but back to the story, so i have seen them all the noobs who just installed the games, the wannabe pros, the real pros, the normal players, the really really good players but not as good as the pros like everything and i have seen all types of mains you know huntsman sniper main, Demoknigh main, Market Gardner main, everything. Look above for the rest
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Helsing Jan 6 @ 9:48am 
Helsing Jan 6 @ 9:48am