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If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror. Look a little closer. Stare a little longer, because there’s something inside you that made you keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit.

Well in this one part, everyone died from the xen creatures and its just me and this one scientist. We are in a lab and the entirety of it are flooded to where the catwalk is the only place we can walk and there is a giant water-like xen creature that looks so fucking scary. He says that there is a tranquilizer gun in the shark cage above the waters and that I can kill it with a shot from it. So I grab the gun and attempt to get to the edge of the catwalk from the shark tank (Im in it atm), and all of a sudden the shark tank falls and lands in the water with the fucking scary looking 1997 graphics horror xen creature. At that point I just closed the game. ~ Bowl 2015

7:38 PM - [WS] ste@mpunkthing: mayo
7:38 PM - †Bowlofmayo†: Bitch
7:38 PM - [WS] ste@mpunkthing: what do we do to make 50 grand really quick
7:38 PM - †Bowlofmayo†: Be a male prostitute
7:38 PM - †Bowlofmayo†: Unless you got a shrimp dick
7:38 PM - [WS] ste@mpunkthing: ;(
7:41 PM - †Bowlofmayo†: Why the fuck do you need $50,000
7:41 PM - [WS] ste@mpunkthing: for a really expensive prostitute
7:41 PM - [WS] ste@mpunkthing: you see the irony now?
7:41 PM - †Bowlofmayo†: God damn it
7:42 PM - [WS] ste@mpunkthing: yeah

9:43 PM - Homeless Soldier: I found a home
9:43 PM - Homeless Soldier: I am living under your breasts from now on
9:43 PM - hH †Bowlofmayo†lfp hl Steel: I HAVE FUCKING PECKS
9:43 PM - Homeless Soldier: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
9:43 PM - Homeless Soldier: I don't
9:43 PM - Homeless Soldier: ;(
9:43 PM - Homeless Soldier: #jellyAF

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Added for ultiduo. Need to get that game done.
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Yo Mayo, you still searching for a Solly?
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added cuz u are literal jesus
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use lube next time u pub