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<Note that this is a review of the first chapter "A Knight to Remember", not the whole game>

I'm sad to report that this game is not my style. And for any old school adventure fan you will be throughly disappointed because this game did not live up to the KQ name. Before you write off this review please let me provide some explaination to this without giving away the game. To start I've compiled a list of pros and cons:

Pros- The creators tried to capture the magic of the kings quest series by adding elements from the previous games. As one example (spoilers, but its in the trailer), they put the dragon from the first game into the mix as well as some other pretty cool elements. There are also no more issues with dying and having to start over (Forgive my Lucasarts nature on this one please). And the music for the game is quite good. I recognized some old songs with a new twist.

Mixed (This category could be good for some and bad for others depending on their style)- The game is basically full of QTE's (Quick time event), action sequences (I call them small little puzzle mini games), and some very limited puzzles that involve picking up items and using them to push the story along (I considered almost every one of these very simple as the game pretty much provides the right direction on what to do).

Cons- The art and animation from the game is very inconsistant. The characters look like they were drawn by two different people. Eg. Graham, the Baker, and all the young characters vs the Merchant, the Trolls, and old characters. And then we have the animation. While most of the characters move around fine, the animals of the game have some big issues of remaining frozen as their character is moving about the world. This pulls the viewer out back to reality and game loses some magestic nature. It makes me wonder if they ran out of time (Activision deadline enforced on the Odd Gentleman?) and figured that this could be lived with along with some other bad animation (see the picture below, what Graham says in the game is pretty much how I feel about this game!).

This story also pretty much cements the fact that their will be no more Kings Quest games or that we are going to have to live with some big changes. They made Graham super old, which means that they will either have to continue using story telling (I believe that this will get old pretty quick), make Gwendolyn take over (Sorry, but not being from the original flagship I'm not super excited about that as I was with Alexander and Rosella), or pass it to old Alexander/Rosella (Probably the best choice, but not great as they will be old as well). I just don't know why they wanted to make the game be what looks to me like 30 years+ into the future, its a game! Time to hang up your cap Graham! (Years based from KQ7, I never played KQ8 all the way through and sorry but that game is not cannon)

This game reminds me of another I played called the Cave.

With all due respect for that game, I think that there are some people that might like that game. But I just don't. Same reason I don't like first person shooters very much, its not my style. Both of these games are not true point-and-click adventures, but they are similar in nature to the old classics making them easy to group them in the same category. The game did its best to live up to the legacy that is King's Quest, but with such a high standard I believe the game falls short (If you're still wondering all of the things in the mixed category I disliked passionately, QTE's? Seriously?!?) I realize that I am in the minority and this is a different time and some people like this new style. Roberta Williams who always had an ever changing vision (cough...KQ8) is known to have publicly approve the game and the game has recieved praise among some top critics. I was surprised when many people referenced how the game is very Telltale like in nature. I was pretty excited, because I loved Telltale's Monkey Island. But from what I've heard, the game is more like the Walking Dead or Jurassic Park (I have not played these games).

It is ultmately up to you on whether or not you are into any of these things or not. Myself, I guess I'm ready to bid my old childhood classic adventure game series farewell.

"My first is foremost legally. My second circles outwardly. My third leads all in victory. My fourth twice ends a nominee. My whole is this gate's only key"

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