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Seen quite a lot of disgusting shit online, but this one tops it all:

If you wish to add me to your friend's list, leave a comment below . Do NOT bother trying to buy any of my items that aren't listed for sale. Doing so repeatedly will get you blocked !

Also beware of my impersonators. They will often link you to my inventory claiming it's their "trading account", while they have a private inventory. Don't be fooled. This is the real Fishtail's account, I do not use any other accouts for any reason whatsoever.

MvM stats:
- Total 2 cities tour count: 500+ (I reset every once in a while, usually after 100 tours)
- Australiums Found: SMG, Sniper Rifle, Amabssador, Tomislav, Scattergun
- Mecha Engine tour count: 5
- Gear Grinder count: 50+

Worthy mentions (quotes):

try me bitch : im gonna eat you
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Few things:
I am being impersonated. Check the following to make sure it's the real me:

Level 40 Steam Profile
A complete collection of Fire Horns/Team Shine primary weapons showcased under Item Showcase (not under Artwork Showcase)
Spellbound Brainiac Hairpiece and Spellbound Rotation Sensation in my inventory
5500 hours of TF2 playtime
4 year Steam member badge

NOTE: This is my only active account, I don't have any alts or "storage" accounts. My inventory or profile will never be private, and I will never have a custom profile URL. Please check and before you deal with anyone for your own safety. I do not claim responsibility for any impersonators' actions

Friend Requests :

I do not accept random friend requests. If you wanted something, just leave a comment on my profile before you add me. "Added to trade" isn't a good reason, be specific.
Please try not to add me for trading, just send a trade offer.
If you're loooking to make an offer/trade, please use the trade offer link HERE . It saves both parties a whole lot of time.


Check out my outpost and profiles to see what i've got for sale. Feel free to leave an offer if you wish.
Please do NOT send trade offers on items that aren't for sale. I won't be very happy, and neither will you - after what follows with that trade offer.
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Only items listed here are for sale:
Use this trade offer link if you wish to make any offers.

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6,024 hrs on record
last played on Sep 24
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last played on Sep 21
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last played on Sep 10
Nublet 10 minutes ago 
Whelp, I sent a new offer for a different hat (Vintage Max - 200 keys + 1 of 1 Outta Sight Bonzo - 114 keys)
Doopy 9 hours ago 
Someones impersinating you fishtail, let me give you his/her profile link.
Fishtail Sep 23 @ 9:05am 
Seen those duped vintage max's go for as low as 200 keys. Not interested.
Jon Snow Sep 22 @ 7:28pm 
Still mad at me? Well sorry :3
「 Cec 」 Sep 22 @ 7:00pm 
It is 100% real
Max Sep 22 @ 2:28am 
Ambassador* ma dude