Roman Konyukhov
I am the developer of Dream Car Racing 3D
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GarugaHunter 22 czerwca o 8:03 
There's absolutely no reason why besiege is more popular. The game's amazing.
RedstoneBlockFilms 7 maja o 12:08 
I finally got Wine to run DCR on my mac...
Mayor Adam West 27 kwietnia o 17:05 
That is a great game. I understand that the community is small, but not everyone (somehow) likes to build cars. It is a very creative game, and open. Thank you for your effort in the game
Blue 3 kwietnia o 17:51 
Thanks for the invite! Feel free to message anytime.
RoKo0 25 marca o 20:13 
Hootmon_Y_Knot, read the documentation of dcr3d package, the section "If some objects are not exported".
Hootmon_Y_Knot 25 marca o 9:16 
I am having a problem trying to use easyroads3d pro Version: v2.5.9.3, v3 beta 8.4 (Jan 27, 2017) in Unity V5.4.4f1 with the dcr3d package.

I am able to fully edit the default DCR3D map in Unity and export it successfully to the game with my changes showing up.

If I try and add the Easyroads3d package, it imports fine and I can create roads and see them just fine in Unity's perspective and game view, however when I export the map and then load it in DCR3D the roads don't show, only the guidepins.

Does the dcr3d package only work with the free easyroads or a specific version?

EasyRoad's docs say this can happen if the road objects are not assigned to layers 29-31.
I have tried it with this setting and without but always get the roads not showing up in game.