Roman Konyukhov
I am the developer of Dream Car Builder
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Sheriff ≡ Monkey 10月20日 12時03分 
Thanks for fast response
OrBuLon 10月11日 14時07分 
MeowChow 9月25日 16時22分 
Please add rotators that will work with frame parts on the end allowing them to spin, I made custom wheels but i have no rotators to spin them xD
NicRohde 8月16日 12時56分 
Hey RoKo0, would you mind telling us what the next update for DCR3D will include, or at least what features you are working on right now?
DOGARAMA 7月26日 8時34分 
Hey RoKo0, I didn't know you play Besiege and BeamNG,drive! Virtual High Five
Windows Media Player 7月11日 23時36分 
I agree with yo strongly, garuga. Great job, Roko0. If it's possible, try to get the game on greenlight. That got Robocraft from unknown, to very popular.