Roman Konyukhov
I am the developer of Dream Car Racing 3D
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nicrohde 16. srp. v 12.56 
Hey RoKo0, would you mind telling us what the next update for DCR3D will include, or at least what features you are working on right now?
DOGARAMA 26. čvc. v 8.34 
Hey RoKo0, I didn't know you play Besiege and BeamNG,drive! Virtual High Five
Windows Media Player 11. čvc. v 23.36 
I agree with yo strongly, garuga. Great job, Roko0. If it's possible, try to get the game on greenlight. That got Robocraft from unknown, to very popular.
GarugaHunter 22. čvn. v 8.03 
There's absolutely no reason why besiege is more popular. The game's amazing.
RedstoneBlockFilms 7. kvě. v 12.08 
I finally got Wine to run DCR on my mac...
Windows Media Player 27. dub. v 17.05 
That is a great game. I understand that the community is small, but not everyone (somehow) likes to build cars. It is a very creative game, and open. Thank you for your effort in the game