Roman Konyukhov
I am the developer of Dream Car Builder
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RoKo0 19. úno. v 6.31 
Hi, not soon.
titas.joneliukstis 18. úno. v 6.51 
Hi I Would Wish For A DCB Multiplayer Or At Least LAN Suport:steamhappy:
RoKo0 12. úno. v 6.33 
It was a bug, I think, I have fixed it already.
Creative 8. úno. v 4.34 
what the hell pearl, you talk no sense at all, giberish...
RoKo0 31. pro. 2017 v 23.11 
Aether, I answered you in the bugs thread.
Pearl 4496 31. pro. 2017 v 17.49 
I found a better name that limp mode: Reduced Engine Power mode