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Jan 22 @ 5:25am
In topic Bug Reports
Originally posted by benjonesaaaahhhh:
My cars always pull to the left, even when everything is perfectly symmetrical.
Thanks, I'll fix this in the near update.
Jan 18 @ 4:50pm
In topic Bug Reports
Originally posted by kam_sz:
I have just purchased the game. When go to play the game a blank screen comes up nothing else. any suggestions ?
Do you see the Unity3D logo? Try to press Alt+Enter.
Jan 17 @ 5:39pm
In topic Feedback and Suggestions
Originally posted by Cyantyki:
i have this annoying issue where i start the game and only see a grey screen and nothing more ? i can randomly click around the screen and sometimes hit sandbox or normal play but this is beginning to become a real issue :p i love the game tho! it is really amazing and i really do love to make my own cars ^_^ it is a good game with a lot of potential :D keep up the good work ^_^
Hi, I know about this issue, I still don't know about the reason.
This may be due to the graphics driver.
Try to use Alt + Enter to show the start screen.
Jan 16 @ 10:23pm
In topic Dream Car Racing 3D Change Notes
v18.2017.01.17.1 ea
- Bug fixes
- UI improvements
Jan 15 @ 11:22pm
In topic Feedback and Suggestions
Originally posted by Sodaholic:
Roko0, I have no complaints about the game, everything works smoothly, and what you've done so far is amazing. I know there are competitions to compete times against eachother, but have you thought about a multiplayer free-roam in Sandbox? That would be an amazing feature to add to this already amazing game.
It is very difficult to implement, but I think about it in the distant future.
Jan 13 @ 2:52pm
In topic Feedback and Suggestions
Originally posted by justthe_toker:
Plz bring back the transmision selection to the frames i really injoyed using and seeing them thou i would say leave them as an option just for looks and maybe selectable rim types like in evo thank you in advanced
Thanks. These features are in the todo list.
Jan 10 @ 7:27am
In topic Collider points ?
Choose a panel, then press Shift and click the other point to choose it. Then press E or click "Collider (E)" - button.
Jan 8 @ 7:17pm
In topic Car Crumbles
The connection between the frames - is a sphere joint.
For each frame the compression and the stretching force are calculated.
This is the soft body physics. Like in the game BeamNG.Drive.
This game is not a 3d graphics editor.

"In real-time physics, my chassis design would not crumble as it did in the game."
In the real world this car will not be stable as in the game.

"This game needs a tutorial showing the mechanics of each parts" -
Did you not find where is the tutorial in the game? I'll show you.

1) Build a simple car first to understand how the connections between frames work:
(Press F1 in the editor,
then click "How to build a car"
then click the right arrow on each step)

2) Read Tips: (Press F1 in the editor, then click "Tips")
2a) Study ingame step by step tutorials (Press F2 in the editor)
2b) Use a prebuilt suspension for your first car.
2c) See the videos:

3) You can read the description for each part:
Select the part. Click the yellow "About the part" button.

4) Click "Default design" in the editor and study the default car.
Try to remove one or two frames from this car and test it.

5) Click ESC in the editor to open the editor's menu,
Click "Published cars", and study the cars of other people.
It can help you to understand how the connections works.

I was honest when I wrote in the description of this game:
"Designing the perfect frame and steering system for the car of your dreams is no simple matter. If you are interested, and are up for the challenge, this game is for you!"

But you are unfair, when you write this negative review "Garbage game".
Jan 8 @ 12:48am
In topic Car Crumbles
Did you see "How to build a car" tutorial? (F1 in the editor).
Send me your car to or publish it. I'll see, maybe I can help you?
Jan 7 @ 9:10am
In topic Control car in free camera
Control car in free camera has been added.
Jan 7 @ 5:21am
In topic Bug Reports
CS!i!FIN, I sent you an email.
Jan 7 @ 4:51am
In topic Bug Reports
Originally posted by CS!i!FIN:
i cant go to the testsite. my game crashes everytime if i try (not before) even if i dont take any car.

Can you start the other maps?

Send me your game data folder to c:\Users\YourWindowsUsername\AppData\LocalLow\RoKo0\dcr3d\YourSteamIdNumber
Jan 6 @ 9:39pm
In topic Bug Reports
Originally posted by couper24:
when i spawn the car in sand box it just crashes!!
Please, send this car to or publish it.
Jan 5 @ 11:56pm
In topic Dream Car Racing 3D Change Notes
v18.2017.01.06.2 ea
- The maxumum radius of wheels has been increased 2 times
- The transmission has been improved for the tank steering
- Car control in the free camera mode
- Bug fixes
Dec 29, 2016 @ 11:03pm
In topic Question & Answer
Originally posted by Anyone700:
Originally posted by MadDog443:
True, I have only 2 gigs of ram and 2.5ghz, and integrated graphics. and I can play the game. BUT my own semi is so big that it lags too much, so id say i can run arround 1000 parts an 8 wheels and get by.
Wheels are the main part that cause lag, I talked with the dev a while back and he said something along the lines of: Each additional wheel drops your framerate by 60 fps. He was referring to the fps of the game without v-sync activated

I meant that one wheel is like 60 frames (parts of the car). One wheel has 20 points and about 60 beams.
Dec 29, 2016 @ 2:19am
In topic Bug Reports
Originally posted by brutas_warman:
i have a problem where the hand brake wont work unless you try to turn left
turning left is now impossible unless i disable handbrake
Choose wheels and change the handbrake key to "Handbrake".
Dec 28, 2016 @ 1:30pm
In topic Bug Reports
Originally posted by CS!i!FIN:
i had bug that some of the sliders like when you paint the thing the slider go itself to max
what is the slider (parameter)?
Dec 26, 2016 @ 11:59pm
In topic Dream Car Racing 3D Change Notes
v17.2016.12.27.0 ea
- Ability to save the distance and the vertical angle of the camera in the race mode
("Options.." button in the map mode)
Dec 26, 2016 @ 3:01am
In topic Dream Car Racing 3D Change Notes
v16.2016.12.26.0 ea
- the overweight has been removed in the sandbox
- maximum size of the car for tracks
- the maximum rear speed is the same as the maximum front speed now
- deletion of unsubscribed cars
Dec 24, 2016 @ 3:39am
In topic Feedback and Suggestions
Что за орфографические ошибки?
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