Hello! If you are interested in trading with me, you are welcome, but please read my rules before you add me:

I won't accept your friend requests if:

--> 1.Your Profile is private

--> 2.Your Inventory is private

--> 3.You don't have any valuable cs:go items

--> 4.You have lots of -rep

--> Be friendly to me and I will be friendly to you =)

--> If you are really unpolite I block you

--> If you don't own CsGo/CsGo Items I block you

--> I will always check your inventory before I accept you
-> I know that everyone wants to make profit, but this is my profile so please don't lowball

--> I love trade offers, they are fast and safe =)

Lowballs and Highballs will be ignored.
I know the prices and amount of any items so please do not try to take me for a fool.
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